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How Artificial Grass Around Pool Areas Solves Issues with Natural Grass

Why Artificial Grass is Better Than Natural Grass for Pool Areas - ftl 5
Gorgeous green grass looks stunning around a sparkling pool. But while natural grass offers that iconic summer vibe, it comes with downsides that can turn pool upkeep into a chore.  Constant mowing, muddy mess from grass clippings, and overwatering are some issues faced by homeowners. For high-traffic and high-maintenance areas like pool surroundings, artificial grass serves as a practical alternative. How Artificial Turf Solves Common Poolside Grass Problems Wet natural grass and pool surroundings simply don’t mix well. Grass clippings and fallen leaves easily spread through pool water, clogging filters and making cleaning a headache. Excess water from the pool...

How Comfortable Is Artificial Grass Around the Pool for Barefoot Walking?

The Ultimate Comfort of Artificial Grass Around the Pool-ftl4
Taking off your shoes and diving into the inviting waters of a swimming pool is one of the great joys of summer. However, dealing with slippery poolside surfaces leading to falls or injuries can be a nasty surprise. How can we make the pool surroundings a safer and more comfortable experience? Artificial grass around the pool holds the answer to your problem. The Discomfort of Wet Feet After your refreshing swim, your feet are wet and your skin is wrinkled - conditions that heighten sensitivity and can put you at greater risk of injury. A poolside that isn’t designed well can...

Artificial Grass Around the Pool: 10 Unique Backyard Pool Makeover Ideas

10 Unique Landscaping Ideas With Artificial Grass Around Pool - FieldTurfLandscape 1
Creating an attractive and inviting outdoor space can dramatically enhance the aesthetics of your home while providing a peaceful sanctuary to relax and unwind. A backyard pool surrounded by vibrant green, lush artificial grass isn't just visually striking, but it also adds a luxurious touch to your outdoor oasis.  Integrate artificial grass around your pool area to create an ambiance that's not only breathtaking but also functional and easy to maintain. Each design idea we discuss aims to harmonize the pool and surrounding area into one coherent, vibrant space.  Get inspired for your backyard pool makeover with these ideas: 1....

Why You Should Choose FieldTurf Landscape for Your Pool Area

Why Turf For Your Pool Area
The general consensus is that artificial turf is the best choice for the foundation of your swimming pool area. But when it comes time to install, the world of artificial turf is vast and at times overwhelming. Fortunately, FieldTurf Landscape has made it incredibly easy to insure the best possible product for your pool area.  Read on to learn exactly why FieldTurf is the best choice for your home pool installation.  Maximum Drainage Puddles and slick surfaces are a recipe for disaster near a pool. Fortunately, with FieldTurf’s proprietary MaxxFlow drainage technology, your poolside grass will be 100% permeable. That...

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