Pet Paradise

Forget flimsy natural grass! At FieldTurf, we offer supremely pet-friendly artificial turf your furry friends will absolutely adore. Let your dogs roam free in their own private paradise. FieldTurf artificial grass offers the look, feel, and performance to make your pets (and you) truly happy. Durable, drainable, deluxe – the ultimate in canine luxury.

Our pet-friendly artificial turf is designed to withstand the paws and playfulness of your four-legged companions, making it the ideal choice for pet owners. It’s not just about maintaining a beautiful, clean yard; it’s also about creating a safe and comfortable environment for your pets to enjoy. Our synthetic grass is engineered to provide excellent drainage, preventing the accumulation of puddles and mud, so your pets can play even after heavy rain without tracking dirt into your home.

Our artificial turf is incredibly dog-friendly and is used at many Humane Society locations by professional pet boarders in dog runs.

Advantages for pet owners:

Advantages for pet owners:

MaxxFlow Drainage Tech

Our MaxxFlow drainage technology is 100% permeable, meaning liquid drains throughout the entire backing. This allows urine, water, and other liquids to drain directly through the turf into the ground below. 

Traditional artificial grass has impermeable backings that lead to puddling and odors. Our innovative design prevents any liquids from pooling on the surface, keeping your artificial lawn clean, dry, and odor-free even with pets.

Superior Durability

Field Turf is highly durable. The turf blades are UV-protected and will not fade or flatten over time, be it from dog damage or natural wear and tear. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing process locks the blades in place for superior resilience. 

Your pets can dig, scratch, and play as rough as they want, and the artificial grass blades will stay lush and vibrant for years to come.

Thatch-Free Design

Thatch is a dense layer of accumulated organic debris like fallen blades, stems, and roots in a natural grass lawn. It prevents proper drainage, resulting in problems like mold buildup and turf diseases. 

Our artificial turf has no thatch layer, allowing liquids to drain freely through the backing. This eliminates standing water and the associated foul odors from pet urine and feces. The increased depth also provides a lush, realistic feel.

No More Muddy Paws

Muddy paws are now a thing of the past, thanks to our top-of-the-line drainage system. Even heavy rainstorms are no match for our artificial grass. It also dries quickly because it’s water-resistant. 

You’ll also save tons of money on carpet and floor cleaning expenses. No more spending time scrubbing mud stains – our turf keeps itself spotless!

Safe for Pets

Our artificial turf is non-toxic, meaning you’ll have peace of mind when your pets are playing. We only use the highest quality, pet-safe materials free from lead, zinc, and other harmful substances. 

Independent lab tests verify our products are 100% safe for pets. Your dogs can dig, roll, and snack on our faux grass with no adverse health effects. Let your furry friends play carefree while you relax knowing they’re protected.

Enhance Pet Spaces With Artificial Grass

Artificial grass offers unlimited customization for your home and pets. Available in various blade lengths, colors, and backings, it complements any style and application. Here are some of the pet spaces it can take to the next level.


Pet Yards

Installing artificial grass in your pet yard or garden is an excellent way to create a clean, comfortable space for your dogs to play and relieve themselves.

Unlike natural grass, artificial turf stands up to rough play, digging, scratching, and urine without wear and tear. It also doesn’t need mowing, watering, or fertilizing, saving you time and money.

Dog house

Dog Runs

Dog runs constructed with a pet turf installation make an ideal outdoor retreat for your pets. The synthetic turf provides a soft yet supportive feel underfoot, protecting your dogs from hard or uneven ground.

Dog runs with synthetic grass are low maintenance, retaining their manicured appearance with minimal care. Your dogs will love stretching their legs and burning energy on the comfortable, resilient surface.


Canine Kennels

For kennel owners, artificial grass is a game changer for creating functional dog spaces. The turf stands up to heavy traffic from multiple dogs without showing wear and tear. Easy maintenance reduces labor costs associated with lawn care.

Dogs also benefit from a paw-friendly surface that doesn’t get hot in summer. Overall, artificial turf creates cleaner, more hygienic kennel environments for both dogs and owners.


Training Areas

Installing artificial grass in training areas offers huge advantages for dogs and owners. The turf provides a consistent surface in all weather.

Pet turf also prevents injuries and joint issues caused by uneven terrain. And there’s no waiting for natural grass to regrow once trampled. With its durability and reliability, artificial turf allows for better training experiences all year round.

litter box

Bathroom Spots

Synthetic turf prevents urine stains and odor buildup that ruin natural grass. Powerful drainage carries away liquids so they don’t pool on the surface. Regular hosing keeps the area clean and hygienic.

With artificial grass, your dogs can have a permanent, comfortable potty place ready anytime, while you can enjoy a pristine lawn.

Customers Love
FieldTurf Landscape

Cesar Millan Chooses FieldTurf Landscape

FieldTurf Landscape is easily the best artificial grass for pets. Just ask renowned “dog whisperer” Cesar Millan, who chose our turf to furnish the 10,000 square feet of artificial grass at his Dog Psychology Center in Santa Clarita, California. “We have a lot of land to cover, so it’s important to me that our landscaping is easy to care for, safe for our pack and has proper drainage,” he says. “Not only does FieldTurf look just like natural grass, it helps to eliminate common lawn problems associated with pets like brown spots from urine, tracked-in mud, grass clippings — and it can even deter your dog from digging holes.

Mark S.

“My dogs absolutely destroyed our last lawn. Thanks to Field Turf, they can play and go to the bathroom as much as they want, and our yard stays as good as new. It’s a life-changer!”

Daniel H.

“I actually didn’t believe my sales rep when he told me that I’d just be able to hose off my dog’s poop. But when we got our turf installed, I had to send this message because you were right! The lawn drains so well that I’ll never have to scoop again. Thank you!”


Frequently Asked
Questions from
Dog Owners:

Is synthetic grass safe for dogs?

Our artificial turf is incredibly dog-friendly and is used at many Humane Society locations and by professional pet boarders in dog runs. Noted “dog whisperer” Cesar Millan uses it at his Dog Psychology Center in California. It’s made from non-toxic material, so it’s perfectly safe for your dogs.

Will my dog enjoy playing on it?

Your dog will love to run and play on our artificial grass (fake grass). Since it’s synthetic, there will be no pests like bugs to get in his or her way. Plus, there’s no soil, meaning they can’t get dirty or track mud into the house. And unlike regular lawns, your dog won’t be able to dig a hole through our synthetic turf.

How can I keep it clean from my pet’s mess?

With our MaxxFlow drainage system, cleaning up after your pet’s business is as simple as rinsing away their mess with a hose. From there, their waste washes away and is out of sight, out of mind.

Will their urine stain the grass?

Real grass can often have discolored areas from constant dog urine, but you’ll no longer have to worry about that with our drainage system and perfect synthetic blades. Field Turf is incredibly easy to maintain and will withstand the most serious dog attacks.

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