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Our home putting greens are designed to provide you with leading surface quality, durability, and aesthetics. Our goal is to replicate the playing condition of natural grass greens without the need for costly maintenance & time-consuming upkeep. This ensures you have time to master your short game.

We provide easy artificial turf installation in lakeside.

Advantages for golfers:

Advantages for golfers:

  • Our industry-standard turf offers perfect traction for golf balls
  • Our custom design can fit almost any space or putting style
  • Greens include built-in undulations and can be elevated for uphill/downhill action
  • Our leading MaxxFlow drainage technology will drain over 350 inches per hour, making sure you can get back out there even after a heavy rainfall
  • Designed to withstand harsh climates, our Golf Series showcases leading durability, allowing you to focus on your short game year-round.

Master Your Golf
Game at Home

There’s a reason our artificial turf is a top choice for pro golfers and amateurs alike. Our golf applications simulate the finest bentgrass surfaces of famed courses such as Augusta and Pine Valley. FieldTurf Landscape offers custom elements and designs, including kidney-shaped greens, moguls, tiers, and custom bunkers to challenge any golfer out there.

Customers Love
FieldTurf Landscape

Ryan D.

“I practice my putts at home every morning before work. The best part is, I’ve started beating all my friends on the course.”

Sara H.

“There’s no denying that practice makes perfect, but it’s a lot easier to practice with a green on our back doorstep. Since installing my turf, I’ve been golfing almost nonstop, and it feels just like I’m on a real course.”


Frequently Asked
Questions About
Our Putting Greens:

Do your outdoor putting greens actually replicate real golf surfaces?

Our artificial turf is manufactured to the highest standards to look and feel real, and our putting greens are no different. Our turf “holds’’ the ball, meaning it will roll just like it does on your favorite course. You can also build in undulations and breaks and elevate portions of the green for uphill and downhill action.

What is the average size for a putting green?

In actual golf courses, putting greens vary but often cover an area around 1500 square feet. Fortunately, our custom design means you can make your home putting green as small or large as you want to fit the space. Whether it’s a large acreage or a suburban backyard, we can work with what you’ve got.

Will I need to cover my putting green in the winter?

Our highly versatile turf is designed to last year-round and withstand the weather. Not only will you not have to cover it, but it will maintain its same perfect green color. You might even be able to bundle up and get some putting done in the winter months.

Will hitting golf balls damage my putting green?

Our lawns are highly durable and can withstand many different circumstances — including golf balls. With an extremely long lifespan, you’ll be able to putt it to your heart’s content.

How much does it cost to install a custom putting green?

Prices for our lawns vary based on many factors, but they’re an extremely affordable alternative to standard lawn care. You’ll save on maintenance, and if you’re an avid golfer, you’ll also save on trips to the course.

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