Month: April 2024

Artificial Grass Benefits: Beyond Just Looking Good

6 Artificial Grass Benefits You May Not Know - fieldturf 4
Residential artificial grass has come a long way since those scratchy, plastic-like carpets of the past. The best turf products today look so natural it’s hard to tell them apart from the real thing. And when it comes to maintenance, durability, and safety, artificial grass trumps real grass in almost every way.  Still, modern artificial grass offers way more than a beautiful, stress-free lawn experience. Here are some features you may not expect from synthetic turf: 1. Advanced Artificial Turf Blade Design The blades of FieldTurf Landscape products come in various shapes, such as flat, v-shaped, w-shaped, and u-shaped. This...

A Greener Future at Home: Why Artificial Grass Is Perfect for Aging in Place

Enhance Outdoor Living with Artificial Grass - fieldturf 5
Many people dream of remaining independent in their own homes as they age. This concept, called “aging in place,” is becoming increasingly popular across the US. Aging in place involves modifying your home and surroundings to ensure safety, accessibility, and comfort for the foreseeable future. This might include installing bathroom grab bars, widening doorways, or switching to one-story living.  Landscaping choices can significantly impact your ability to age comfortably at home.  Natural Lawns Can Be Unsafe for Older Individuals Traditional lawns, while beautiful, require a surprising amount of physical exertion to maintain. Mowing, weeding, and edging can become difficult tasks...

Artificial Grass Buyer’s Guide: Understanding the Technical Jargon

7 Artificial Grass Terms Explained - fieldturf 3
Artificial grass has become incredibly popular as a low-maintenance, year-round green solution for lawns, landscaping, and even sports fields. But when shopping for artificial turf yard products, you'll likely encounter technical terms that sound more like a foreign language than a backyard upgrade. We love sharing what we know here at FieldTurf Landscape, so today, we’re explaining some of the most common turf terms you’ll encounter during this process. Why the Jargon Matters Understanding these terms allows you to: • Compare Products: Technical specifications help you compare different artificial turf options side by side. • Match Turf to Your Needs:...

What to Look for in a Backyard Putting Green Installer

Find the Perfect Backyard Putting Green Installer - fieldturf 2
Home putting greens are a wonderful way to elevate your golf game and add a touch of luxury to your outdoor space. But turning that dream into reality requires more than buying some artificial turf. A quality installation makes all the difference, so choosing the right installer is key. Here's a guide on how to find and vet the best backyard putting green installers: Essential Putting Green Qualities to Consider Before you start searching, it's helpful to understand the qualities that set a great installer apart. Experience: Look for an installer with a proven track record, specifically with backyard putting...

How Artificial Turf Holds Up Well to Dog Use

What Makes Artificial Grass for Dogs So Durable - fieldturf 1
Real grass is like catnip for most dogs. The moment you let them loose on a natural lawn, you’ll find them rolling, sniffing, marking, and trying to rip out or eat the grass. And when it’s over, you’ve got a happy pup, but you and your lawn? Not so much. At Fieldturf Landscape, we’ve engineered the best artificial grass for pets. It’s virtually indestructible by even the naughtiest paws. Designed to Withstand Dog Use Unlike natural grass, which can be easily damaged by digging or excessive play. Our artificial turf is constructed with a strong backing material that resists tearing...

Westminster Kennel Club and FieldTurf Landscape Collaborate for Excellence

Turf of Choice
Announcing a Brand New Partnership Westminster Kennel Club and FieldTurf Landscape Collaborate for Excellence. The prestigious Westminster Kennel Club, synonymous with canine excellence, has forged an exciting partnership with FieldTurf Landscape. A leading provider of cutting-edge turf solutions. This collaboration represents a significant milestone for both organizations, uniting their unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation. Official Turf Provider for Westminster Kennel Club Events FieldTurf Landscape has been officially designated as the turf provider for all Westminster Kennel Club events, including the renowned Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. Furthermore, this strategic alliance underscores a shared dedication to quality, performance, and creating exceptional experiences for participants and spectators...

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