Month: April 2023

13 Top Tips for Designing a Pro-Grade Putting Green With Artificial Grass

Tips for a Pro-Level Course With Putting Green Artificial Grass-ftl2
Tired of driving to your local golf course to play your favorite sport? Why not build a putting green with artificial grass in your backyard? Synthetic turf for golf offers the same playability as the turf at the course but with extra benefits. Unlike natural grass, it takes only hours or days to set up, is impervious to golf damage, and is a breeze to maintain. It also works well with any design, and with the following tips, you can build a pro-grade backyard putting green in no time! 1. Choose the Right Artificial Grass Not all artificial grass is...

Can You Use Artificial Turf for Landscaping Rooftops? Straight Answers

All About Artificial Turf for Landscaping Rooftops-ftl
Stepping out onto your rooftop into a lush, green paradise sounds like a dream—but it’s one that artificial turf landscaping can turn into a reality. Can You Install Artificial Grass on Rooftops? Absolutely! Expert installers can lay down synthetic turf on most surfaces, including wood, concrete, tiles, and other roof deck materials.  Rooftop Considerations: Does Artificial Grass Meet Them?  Because of the rooftop’s location, there are limits to the ways you can design or enhance it. Let’s take a look at each consideration and whether synthetic turf meets them.  Rooftop Weight Limit Rooftops have a maximum weight capacity, determined by...

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