Month: November 2023

How Artificial Grass Around Pool Areas Solves Issues with Natural Grass

Why Artificial Grass is Better Than Natural Grass for Pool Areas - ftl 5
Gorgeous green grass looks stunning around a sparkling pool. But while natural grass offers that iconic summer vibe, it comes with downsides that can turn pool upkeep into a chore.  Constant mowing, muddy mess from grass clippings, and overwatering are some issues faced by homeowners. For high-traffic and high-maintenance areas like pool surroundings, artificial grass serves as a practical alternative. How Artificial Turf Solves Common Poolside Grass Problems Wet natural grass and pool surroundings simply don’t mix well. Grass clippings and fallen leaves easily spread through pool water, clogging filters and making cleaning a headache. Excess water from the pool...

Why Infill Is a Must for Backyard Putting Green Artificial Grass

What Is Infill for Backyard Putting Green Artificial Grass-ftl 4
Infill may be invisible, but it’s absolutely critical for putting green artificial grass. This crucial material fills the blades of synthetic turf to enable the look, feel, and performance that make today’s faux lawns and home putting greens nearly indistinguishable from the real thing. But what exactly is infill and what types are out there? We’re answering those questions and mor What Is Infill and Why Do You Need It? It refers to the material that fills the turf backing to the top of the grass blades. It’s usually fine-grained sand or granules of rubber, minerals, or organic materials like...

Installing Fake Grass for Patio Areas: How It Works

How to Install Fake Grass for Patio Areas - ftl 3
Turning a drab patio into an inviting green oasis is easy with artificial grass. But simply rolling out a turf rug won’t cut it. To make fake grass for patio areas work and last for years, the installation requires multiple layers done right. Here’s why: What Makes Installing Artificial Grass on Patios So Complex? Patios present a unique challenge for artificial grass installation. Unlike lawns, patios start out as hard surfaces like concrete, tile, or brick. Their boundaries also tend to be more constrained, with furniture, plants, and other structures coming into play. To address that, we adjust our installation...

The Complete Guide to Deep Cleaning Artificial Turf for Dogs

How to Deep Clean Artificial Turf for Dogs-ftl 2
Deep-cleaning artificial turf for dogs is good practice if your pets go potty in your yard. You don't have to do it very often, but doing it on a regular schedule makes it easier to keep your backyard clean, sanitary, and free from bad smells. In this guide, we'll walk you through the process, from how to know when it's time for a deep clean to what you'll need and other tips. Know When It's Time for a Deep Clean Your artificial grass may be due for a deep clean if you start noticing these signs: Strong pet odors emanating...

Get the Facts on Foam Padding for Artificial Turf Landscaping

A Quick Guide to Foam Pads for Artificial Turf Landscaping-ftl 1
If you're thinking of investing in artificial turf landscaping, especially in an area where kids will play, you may want to look into adding a foam padding underneath for extra safety and comfort. Is foam padding  right for your project? Here’s what you need to  consider: What Are Foam Pads for Artificial Grass? Foam pads for artificial turf are made from closed-cell polyethylene foam or polyurethane foam. It gets installed underneath the artificial grass itself. The pads add some "give" to the synthetic turf, enhancing the natural grass-like feel. When you walk, run, or play on turf with foam padding,...

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