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How Artificial Grass Can Help Save You Money

How You Can Save Time and Money with Artificial Grass - FieldTurfLandScape 5
For many homeowners, the lush green appeal of a perfect lawn comes at a price. The time, sweat, and money poured into maintaining a natural grass landscape can add up quickly.  While artificial turf may seem like a pricier upfront investment, its long-term financial benefits paint a different picture. Slashing the Water Bill Natural lawns are notorious water guzzlers. Depending on your climate and lawn size, you could be spending hundreds of dollars annually keeping your grass green. Residential artificial turf eliminates this expense entirely. No more sprinklers, hoses, or battling drought restrictions –  it thrives without a single drop....

How Long Does Artificial Grass Last?

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Generally, you can expect an impressive lifespan from top-quality artificial grass. For instance, FieldTurf Landscape artificial grass for backyard use can last anywhere from 8-10 years and longer. It’s common for our installations to still be in amazing shape after over a decade.This extended life expectancy makes artificial grass a smart investment, especially when compared to the ongoing costs and hassle of maintaining a natural lawn. With that said, several factors come together to create an artificial grass installation that stays beautiful, functional, and safe for years to come. Fiber Quality Matters Premium fake grass for backyard utilizes robust fibers,...

Does Artificial Putting Green Turf Need Infill?

Artificial Putting Green with No Infill Why It's a Mistake - FieldTurfLandScape 3
Dreaming of perfecting your short game in the comfort of your own backyard? An artificial grass putting green can be a wonderful training aid for golf enthusiasts, not to mention a beautiful addition to any landscape.  But as you explore the installation process, you might stumble upon this common question:  "Does putting green turf really need infill?" The answer? Infill is not an optional extra for a serious putting green – it's a crucial component for both performance and longevity. Here's why: What Infill Does for a Backyard Putting Green Infill is a granular material, typically composed of sand, rubber,...

What Will Happen if Dogs Eat Artificial Grass?

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Your dog's got a nose for adventure (and sometimes mischief!) So, if you're thinking about artificial grass for pets, you might be curious  – will my dog try to eat it? Let's find out what's behind the nibble and whether it's anything to worry about. Dogs Are Unlikely to Eat Artificial Grass Every aspect of artificial grass construction and installation – from the material and texture of the blades to the secure anchoring and drainage systems – works together to create a surface that's not only comfortable for dogs but also very difficult for them to chew or eat. Texture...

Artificial Grass and Shock Pads: FAQs for Parents

Artificial Grass Shock Pads Essential Safety FAQs for Parents - FieldTurfLandScape 1
Playground turf for backyard spaces is fantastic for kids – it's soft, always green, and doesn't get muddy!  However, if you're thinking of having artificial grass installed for your family, you may have heard about shock pads and wondering if it may be right for you. We answer some common questions below. What Are Shock Pads? Think of shock pads like soft cushions underneath your artificial grass– that’s why they’re also called foam padding. They're typically made of closed-cell foam or rubber. Closed-cell foam means the material has lots of tiny air bubbles trapped inside, which is what makes it...

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