How Artificial Grass Around Pool Areas Solves Issues with Natural Grass

November 23, 2023 FieldTurf Landscape
Gorgeous green grass looks stunning around a sparkling pool. But while natural grass offers that iconic summer vibe, it comes with downsides that can turn...
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Gorgeous green grass looks stunning around a sparkling pool. But while natural grass offers that iconic summer vibe, it comes with downsides that can turn pool upkeep into a chore. 

Constant mowing, muddy mess from grass clippings, and overwatering are some issues faced by homeowners. For high-traffic and high-maintenance areas like pool surroundings, artificial grass serves as a practical alternative.

How Artificial Turf Solves Common Poolside Grass Problems

Wet natural grass and pool surroundings simply don’t mix well. Grass clippings and fallen leaves easily spread through pool water, clogging filters and making cleaning a headache. Excess water from the pool splashing onto grass can also lead to soft, muddy areas.

In addition, areas around pools get heavy foot traffic, especially during summer parties, leading to unsightly worn grass patches. Natural grass also needs frequent mowing, fertilizing and watering to stay lush, adding to maintenance duties.

In contrast, artificial grass around pools is impervious to these issues. With no mowing or watering needed, it stays fresh-looking year-round with minimal care. Artificial blades are designed to look tidy, without loose blades scattering. 

Being a synthetic surface, artificial turf around pools won’t become muddy or slip-prone when wet. Its firm texture also prevents dents from regular use.

Advanced Drainage Prevents Waterlogging and Odor

Poor drainage leads to one of the biggest problems with natural grass around pools – waterlogging. Excess moisture leads to mushy areas prone to forming unpleasant odors from decomposition– all of which artificial grass can easily solve.

Specifically, FieldTurf Landscape’s artificial grass features proprietary MaxxFlow drainage technology. With an impressive drainage rate of 30 inches of water per hour, MaxxFlow allows  complete permeability. 

Rain, splashes and spills drain through swiftly, avoiding the odor issues, mosquito breeding risks and muddy patches common with waterlogged sod.

Low-Maintenance & Safer Pool Surroundings

Natural grass needs frequent mowing, watering, fertilizing and aerating – easily doubling weekly maintenance work. Artificial turf trims maintenance down dramatically. 

Without growth or need for watering, mowing isn’t required. Draining systems reduce waterlogging risks. The hassles of clearing lawn clippings are gone – no more bits of grass drifting into the pool. 

Artificial Grass Poolside FAQs

  • What about pool chemicals – are they safe for artificial grass?

Artificial grass blades are UV-protected and designed to be durable. Pool chemicals like chlorine and bromine don’t affect their quality when used as directed. 

  • Does artificial grass get too hot for bare feet around the pool?

Not with today’s advanced systems from FieldTurf Landscape. For instance, we use special infill and grass blade designs to maintain comfortable temperatures. The perforations in the blades allow airflow and drainage to keep the surface cooler than hardscape like concrete and tile.

  • Is artificial grass safe for kids and pets around pools?

Absolutely. The sturdy, slip-resistant texture makes artificial grass safe even when wet. There are no risks of loose debris like fallen leaves or clippings. Advanced backing systems ensure the turf stays firmly in place, and the uniform surface prevents trip hazards. 

Experience Lush, Comfortable Artificial Grass for Your Poolscape

With artificial grass, you can spend your time enjoying your pool instead of maintaining the grass around it.

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