Artificial Grass Solutions for
Commercial Pet Facilities

At FieldTurf Landscape, we understand the demands faced by pet facilities like dog parks, dog daycares, and veterinary clinics. Not only are you responsible for the pets in your care, but you also need to make sure you take care of your business.

FieldTurf Landscape commercial pet turf is designed to help you meet those needs in a more efficient and convenient way.

Commercial Artificial Grass for Pet Facilities

A Vibrant Landscape for Your Pet Facility

Our commercial artificial grass is crafted to endure the energetic activity of pets and keep your facility looking impeccable. No more muddy paws, no more dirt tracked indoors, and no more unsightly digging spots.

And in case you’re wondering, dogs absolutely love artificial grass! It feels soft on their paws and just as perfect for running, playing, and napping as real grass.

In fact, the “Dog Whisperer” Cesar Milan himself has chosen FieldTurf for his 40,000 SQ/FT training facility – and yours deserves the same level of quality.

Hygienic and Hassle-Free Maintenance


FieldTurf Landscape can help you simplify pet waste management for your facility. Our unparalleled drainage system swiftly handles urine and makes clean-up as simple as rinsing out the area. FieldTurf pet grass products are also infused with odor-controlling elements that fight bacteria and neutralize bad smells.


Prioritizing Pet Safety with Modern Turf Technology


The safety and well-being of pets in your facility are our top priority. Our commercial artificial grass is non-toxic, allergen-free, and comfortably cushioned to protect pets from injury. It’s designed to offer a secure and enjoyable space for pets to frolic. For added security against invasive animals like moles and gophers, we offer additional installation upgrades tailored to your facility’s needs​.


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Pet welfare is important to us here at FieldTurf Landscape. We’re fully committed to transforming pet facilities into secure, sanitary, and beautiful environments for you and every pet you welcome in it. Contact us to learn more or request a free quote today!

Customers Love
Field Turf Landscape

Ryan D.

“I practice my putts at home every morning before work. The best part is, I’ve started beating all my friends on the course.”

Sara H.

“There’s no denying that practice makes perfect, but it’s a lot easier to practice with a green on our back doorstep. Since installing my turf, I’ve been golfing almost nonstop, and it feels just like I’m on a real course.”

Cesar Millan

“We have a lot of land to cover, [10,000 square feet], so it’s important to me that our landscaping is easy to care for, safe for our pack and has proper drainage. Not only does FieldTurf look just like natural grass, it helps to eliminate common lawn problems associated with pets like brown spots from urine, tracked-in mud, grass clippings — and it can even deter your dog from digging holes.”


Frequently Asked
Questions About
Our Pet Facilities:

Is synthetic grass safe for dogs?

Our artificial turf is incredibly dog-friendly and is used at many Humane Society locations and by professional pet boarders in dog runs. Noted “dog whisperer” Cesar Millan uses it at his Dog Psychology Center in California. It’s made from non-toxic material, so it’s perfectly safe for your dogs.

Will my dog enjoy playing on it?

Your dog will love to run and play on our artificial grass (fake grass). Since it’s synthetic, there will be no pests like bugs to get in his or her way. Plus, there’s no soil, meaning they can’t get dirty or track mud into the house. And unlike regular lawns, your dog won’t be able to dig a hole through our synthetic turf.

How can I keep it clean from my pet’s mess?

With our MaxxFlow drainage system, cleaning up after your pet’s business is as simple as rinsing away their mess with a hose. From there, their waste washes away and is out of sight, out of mind.

Will their urine stain the grass?

Real grass can often have discolored areas from constant dog urine, but you’ll no longer have to worry about that with our drainage system and perfect synthetic blades. Field Turf is incredibly easy to maintain and will withstand the most serious dog attacks.

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