Month: January 2024

Why Poor-Quality Artificial Grass Looks Fake

Why Does Low-Quality Turf Look Fake - ftl 5
Here at FieldTurf, we've spent years obsessing over what makes real grass look good - how the blades catch the light, the mix of textures, the little inconsistencies. We try hard to replicate those organic details in our artificial grass products, which you can see for yourself when you take a virtual tour of our Calhoun plant. Without those details, it's difficult to create residential artificial turf that looks remotely close to the real thing. We recently discussed how to spot low-quality turf, and today, we want to dive deeper into why such products look so fake in the first...

Keeping Odors at Bay with Pet-Friendly Artificial Grass

How Artificial Grass for Pets Works Against Waste - ftl 4
Your dog, peeing and pooping on plastic grass… it's understandable if the idea gives you pause, especially if pet waste has already damaged your natural lawn.  Specifically, you may worry that synthetic materials can't properly drain urine, leading to lingering odors that create an unpleasant space for pets and people.  As we'll explain below, FieldTurf Landscape artificial grass for pets can handle dog waste easily and more efficiently than real grass, and that includes drainage. How Artificial Grass Handles Pet Waste At the heart of our durable, pet friendly artificial turf system is the drainage layer featuring MaxxFlow. This 100%...

How to Position Your Backyard Putting Green

Smart Placement Tips for a Backyard Putting Green-ftl 3
Location, location, location – this real estate agents' mantra is also true for backyard putting greens. Before you even start looking at your putting green grass options, you should already have a solid idea of where you want it in the first place.  Of course, it doesn't have to be perfect, and we'll talk it more during our consultation. But in the meantime, we recommend taking a walk around your property while keeping these tips in mind. Optimize Sun Angles for Visibility Few people think of sunlight direction when planning out their backyard artificial putting green, but it can actually...

Keeping Your Family Safe with Artificial Grass Infill

Artificial Grass Infill Safety for Kids and Pets-ftl 2
As you consider playground turf installation for your home, you may be wondering about the small granules that make up the base layer, known as infill. What exactly is infill, and is it safe for kids? These are important questions when choosing the right artificial grass products for your home. As a caring parent, you want to make sure your outdoor spaces are fun for playtime, yet free of hazards.  In a nutshell, infill plays a critical role in making modern artificial grass safe, soft, and realistic. Let's go over it below. What Is Infill and Why Do We Use...

Building Stunning Waterless Landscapes with Artificial Turf for Backyard

Creating No-Water Gardens with Artificial Grass Landscaping
As climate change leads to hotter, drier summers, more homeowners are seeking sustainable landscapes that conserve water. You may be considering replacing your thirsty grass lawn, but have hesitations about giving up green space. What if you could have a lush, beautiful yard that requires no irrigation at all? Artificial turf for backyard landscaping opens up exciting possibilities for waterless landscaping. With synthetic turf, you can create inviting spaces for relaxation, play, pets, and more. All without watering or mowing ever again!  And when thoughtfully arranged with rocks, drought-tolerant plants, hardscapes, and other creative touches, these low-maintenance lawns foster unique...

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