Why You Should Choose FieldTurf Landscape for Your Pool Area

November 10, 2021 FieldTurf Landscape
The general consensus is that artificial turf is the best choice for the foundation of your swimming pool area. But when it comes time to...
Why Turf For Your Pool Area

The general consensus is that artificial turf is the best choice for the foundation of your swimming pool area. But when it comes time to install, the world of artificial turf is vast and at times overwhelming. Fortunately, FieldTurf Landscape has made it incredibly easy to insure the best possible product for your pool area

Read on to learn exactly why FieldTurf is the best choice for your home pool installation. 

Maximum Drainage

Puddles and slick surfaces are a recipe for disaster near a pool. Fortunately, with FieldTurf’s proprietary MaxxFlow drainage technology, your poolside grass will be 100% permeable. That means the pool water will flow right through, keeping your lawn dry and soft to the touch.  

Highly Customizable

Personal pools quite literally come in all shapes and sizes, but as long as there’s a surface around the perimeter, FieldTurf can install the grass of your dreams. That means you can build the perfect backyard escape, whether you’re simply putting turf around a rectangular pool or creating something more elaborate with unique shapes and rock features. It also makes a great addition to your hot tub area.

Realistic Blades

There’s nothing worse than cheap-looking fake grass around your pool, but FieldTurf’s artificial turf is the complete opposite. Manufactured at our facility in Calhoun, Georgia, our turf uses multi-colored blades to create artificial grass that looks and feels like the real thing, but better. After all, our lush lawns stay green year-round, and won’t be stained by chemicals like chlorine or muddied up by wet feet. Instead, your pool area will look perfect year-round. 

Easy Clean-Up

You didn’t install a pool so that you could have more chores — you installed it to relax. Fortunately, our low-maintenance turf is incredibly easy to keep looking fresh and clean. You won’t have to spend time and money on expensive chemicals, lawn maintenance tools or massive water bills. Other than putting away your towels and pool toys when you’re done with them, your lawn will practically clean itself. 

Poolside Peace of Mind

When you choose FieldTurf Landscape, you’re choosing expertise every step of the way. From the initial consultation through the final steps of installation, we pride ourselves on industry-leading customer service from us and our industry-leading partners. Our highly durable lawns last up to 15 years, but in the extremely rare occurrence that something does go wrong, you can also rest assured with our industry-leading non-prorated warranty.

Interested in installing artificial turf by your pool area? Speak with one of our experts.

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