Month: June 2024

4 Common Myths About Artificial Grass Safety for Kids

How Safe is Artificial Grass for Children - fieldturf 3
Many of us here at FieldTurf Landscape are parents like you and nothing is more important to us than our children's safety and well-being. So, when it comes to our backyards, we want to make the best choices to create a safe environment for play.  While natural grass is a traditional option, more and more families are upgrading their yard with artificial grass. However, there are still tons of misconceptions out there about synthetic turf. We’re setting the record straight about four of the most common ones. Myth 1: Artificial Grass Gets Too Hot for Safe Play One concern parents...

Managing Allergies With Artificial Grass: Tips and Advice

How Artificial Turf Can Provide Long-Term Allergy Relief - fieldturf 2
Springtime brings blooming flowers, warmer weather, and, for many people, the return of seasonal allergies. Runny noses, itchy eyes, and sneezing fits are an annual occurrence thanks to pollen from grass, trees, and weeds.  And if you have it bad enough, you might be struggling with these symptoms all year long. Replacing your lawn with artificial turf could provide significant relief.  How Artificial Grass Helps Alleviate Allergies Unlike natural grass that releases pollen, artificial turf is inherently hypoallergenic. The synthetic blades don't produce any allergy-triggering pollen, so you can be in your yard without itchy eyes and congestion. Key advantages...

7 Curb Appeal Design Ideas for Artificial Front Lawns

From geometric patterns to topiaries, there are countless ways to style your front yard with artificial grass.
Is your front lawn looking a little lackluster? Want to boost your home's curb appeal without spending countless hours maintaining your yard? It might be time for you to go faux. As artificial grass installers, we've witnessed the incredible transformations that happen when homeowners switch to this low-maintenance, high-impact landscaping solution. Here are some design ideas to help you visualize your own front lawn transformation: 1. Geometric Patterns Create a striking, modern look by incorporating geometric patterns into your artificial grass installation. Consider using different turf colors or blade heights to create shapes like circles, squares, or diamonds. This unique...

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