Comparing Synthetic Turf for Playgrounds vs. Other Surfacing Options

Synthetic Grass Play Area Surface
Building an amazing playground involves more than just the swings and slides. The surface is a vital piece of the puzzle. It can affect everything from a playground’s safety to how much work it takes to maintain it. Let's discuss the pros and cons of popular choices—concrete, natural grass, mulch, and synthetic grass—so you can make the most informed decision for your space. Concrete for Playgrounds Let's start with the classic choice: concrete. It offers durability, low maintenance, and a flat, predictable surface for activities like wheeled toys.  However, its unforgiving hardness significantly increases the risk of injuries from falls....

A Greener Future at Home: Why Artificial Grass Is Perfect for Aging in Place

Enhance Outdoor Living with Artificial Grass - fieldturf 5
Many people dream of remaining independent in their own homes as they age. This concept, called “aging in place,” is becoming increasingly popular across the US. Aging in place involves modifying your home and surroundings to ensure safety, accessibility, and comfort for the foreseeable future. This might include installing bathroom grab bars, widening doorways, or switching to one-story living.  Landscaping choices can significantly impact your ability to age comfortably at home.  Natural Lawns Can Be Unsafe for Older Individuals Traditional lawns, while beautiful, require a surprising amount of physical exertion to maintain. Mowing, weeding, and edging can become difficult tasks...

Does Artificial Grass Tear Easily?

Understanding the Tear-Resilience of Artificial Grass - fieldturf 2
As you research artificial turf options for your home or venue, you likely worry about durability issues. After all, a high-quality installation can last for more than a decade. That’s years of wear and tear from rambunctious kids and pets, to gatherings, harsh weather, and other challenges of daily life.  This is even more important if you’re interested in artificial turf playground surfaces, which will routinely be subjected to heavy foot traffic and large equipment. FieldTurf synthetic turf is engineered from the ground up to prevent ripping or tearing under normal use: • Materials - Manufacturers construct the grass blades...

Installing Fake Grass for Patio Areas: How It Works

How to Install Fake Grass for Patio Areas - ftl 3
Turning a drab patio into an inviting green oasis is easy with artificial grass. But simply rolling out a turf rug won’t cut it. To make fake grass for patio areas work and last for years, the installation requires multiple layers done right. Here’s why: What Makes Installing Artificial Grass on Patios So Complex? Patios present a unique challenge for artificial grass installation. Unlike lawns, patios start out as hard surfaces like concrete, tile, or brick. Their boundaries also tend to be more constrained, with furniture, plants, and other structures coming into play. To address that, we adjust our installation...

The Most Common Commercial Applications for Artificial Turf

When we think of artificial turf, there are usually two main uses that come to mind: athletic stadiums and residential backyards. But the grass goes much deeper. As a matter of fact, synthetic grass has unlimited potential for your commercial landscaping needs. Whether you’re operating a small mom-and-pop shop or a large facility on a massive plot of land, there are no shortage of ways that artificial turf can simplify your life and beautify your business. Here are the top commercial uses for artificial turf. Doggy Daycare Pets can be rambunctious little creatures. That’s why we love them! But real...

Why FieldTurf Landscape Is a Great Choice for Your Indoor Sports Facility

Artificial turf for sports facilities
From home sports surfaces to large-scale professional facilities, athletic fields can be a significant investment. And if you choose to use real grass, they can also prove to be a perpetual headache as you seek to maintain your property while also engaging in highly strenuous activities. Fortunately, there’s an easy solution to keep your sports zone in tip-top shape without much effort: artificial turf. Whether you want to use it for a personal residential project or a professional sports field, we got you covered. Our turf has been installed in thousands of homes and is used by two-thirds of the...

Why Artificial Turf Is the Best Choice for Play Surfaces

Artificial turf for play surface
When preparing a playground, planning is paramount. In an area that will be frequented by children, safety, cleanliness and durability are all top concerns. Fortunately, there’s a simple solution to ensure that playtime can be as safe and stress-free as possible: artificial turf. Non-toxic, aesthetically pleasing and soft to the touch, there are countless benefits that give artificial turf the edge over other options for your playground project. Read on to learn why synthetic grass is the best possible surface for your play area. A Play-Safe System When it comes to your child’s playtime, their safety is most important. Fortunately,...

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