Month: June 2023

Why Artificial Turf for Landscaping Is Safer For Children Than Real Grass

Artificial Turf Landscaping For Children’s Play Areas-ftl 2
Parents everywhere can agree on one thing: our children's safety is more important than anything else. Unfortunately, the backyard often gets overlooked in this regard. While natural grass might be the traditional choice, FieldTurf artificial grass for backyard applications has several features that make it a safer option. Enhanced Durability and Traction FieldTurf artificial turf landscaping materials are designed with child safety as a core principle. Merging superior engineering with modern synthetic materials.  A key benefit is its year-round durability. Unlike natural grass, which can wear thin and become slippery, especially in rainy conditions, FieldTurf maintains a consistently high level...

How Putting Green Artificial Grass Creates a Professional Practice Surface for Golf

If you’re not familiar with FieldTurf putting green artificial grass, you may have doubts about how it performs. First, it’s nothing like your local putt-putt course – it’s super fun, but nowhere near a real golf course. At FieldTurf, we specialize in providing artificial grass solutions that truly mirror the experience of playing on a natural golf course. In fact, our artificial putting greens are used by everyone from leisure golfers to PGA pros looking to stay sharp between tours.  Let’s walk you through some of the reasons why: Unparalleled Putting Turf Quality for Realistic Play One of the standout...

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