Explore What’s Possible: Artificial Grass for Your Turf Backyard & Home

Your backyard should be a sanctuary. Somewhere you can relax, spend time with your friends and family, and a source of pride for your home.

That’s exactly what you get with FieldTurf artificial grass for backyard, play spaces, pool areas, pet-friendly areas, and other residential applications.

What you don’t get is all the work that comes with a natural lawn. No weeding, mowing, watering, or sacrificing your weekends just to keep your yard alive!

The possibilities are endless when using artificial turf in your backyard.

Greener, Safer, and Tougher than the Real Thing

Investing in FieldTurf Landscape’s artificial grass means choosing a practical, long-lasting solution for your backyard, designed to outperform natural grass in every way:

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As Lifelike as It Gets

FieldTurf artificial grass combines different types of yarn, multi-colored blades, and a visual thatch layer to offer the ultimate realism for backyard installations.

The only way people can tell your yard is synthetic? If you tell them yourself!

Efficient Water Drainage System

FieldTurf Landscape’s artificial grass features MaxxFlow technology, which allows it to drain at a rate of 30 inches per hour. 

This 100% permeability prevents waterlogging, mud formation, and unpleasant odors – common issues with poor-draining grass.

Designed for Your Peace of Mind

Our fake grass for patios and backyards is non-toxic, lead-free, and hypoallergenic. We only use materials that comply with the most stringent safety standards.

Our synthetic grass adheres to the most stringent standards for materials safety, meeting guidelines from the EPA, CDC, and CPSC. You can relax knowing your family and pets can play on our synthetic grass worry-free.

Stays Forever Lush and Green

FieldTurf products feature UV-stabilized polyethylene fibers that incorporate advanced color pigment technology. 

The result? A lawn that stays green, lush, and beautiful no matter the season or weather conditions.

Outstanding Durability

Crafted from resilient fibers with a strong tuft bind, our artificial grass withstands foot traffic, children’s play, and pet activity without significant wear or flattening. 

And unlike real grass, you’ll never encounter bare or thinning patches on your synthetic lawn, no matter how often or how heavily you use it.

Create Fun and Safe Spaces for the Whole Family

Enjoy outdoor living at its finest with FieldTurf Landscape and our partner installers! There are countless ways to use artificial grass around your home, starting with the following:


Beautiful, Low-
Maintenance Lawns

Treat yourself to a beautiful, eco-friendly lawn with FieldTurf artificial grass! Transform any area of your home into a green space, from your yard to your front lawn, side yard, and more.


Play Areas

Create safe, soft, and durable play spaces for your kids with FieldTurf Landscape. Ideal for use around swing sets, playgrounds, or simply open play areas, you can choose to add a foam underlay to further minimize injuries and allow for endless hours of fun.



Spend more time playing fetch and less time worrying about your lawn! Our artificial turf for dogs is resistant to digging, scratching, and other types of pet-related damage. Cleaning up after potty time is also a breeze – just rinse the spot and let our MaxxFlow drain system do the rest.

swimming pool


Install FieldTurf artificial grass around pool areas for a stylish space that remains cool and comfortable underfoot, even on the hottest summer days. Plus, no more mud and slippery grass to deal with!


Outdoor Entertaining

Elevate your outdoor living areas, such as patios, decks, and gazebos, with our artificial grass. Our turf provides a visually appealing, soft, and comfortable surface that complements your outdoor furniture and accessories, making it perfect for hosting gatherings or simply enjoying a relaxing evening outside.

creative design


No design is too crazy or complicated when you’re working with FieldTurf artificial grass. Share your vision with our partners during your consultation – they love a good challenge!

putting green

Putting Greens

Practice your golf skills in the comfort home with a custom-designed putting green made from our professional-grade artificial grass. Jazz it up with multiple holes, sand traps, or even a bunker if your space allows it!



Add visual interest and texture to your landscaping with our artificial grass. Use it as a creative element in your garden design, such as pathways, borders, or accents around flower beds and trees.

FieldTurf Backyard Artificial Grass Gallery

Home is where the heart is, and we think you’ll love what FieldTurf Landscape can do for your home. Take a peek at the possibilities!

Customers Love
FieldTurf Landscape

Drew G.

“I was spending all of my free time buying fertilizer and trying to maintain my lawn. When I switched to Field Turf Landscape, I finally got my weekends back. And my lawn looks perfect.”

Samantha S.

“We get a lot of rain in our state, and when the grass is wet it’s almost impossible to mow. All of these headaches were solved when we switched to artificial turf, which drains perfectly and doesn’t need to be mowed. Thank you, Field Turf.”


Frequently Asked
Questions About
Backyard Turf:

Is artificial turf safe for my children?

An artificial lawn is absolutely safe for children. Some synthetic products are softer than natural grass, so falling during play doesn’t leave injuries. It produces no pollen, so kids will likely see a reduction in allergies. Some infill is antimicrobial, which lessens the chances of bacteria spreading to children.

How much does it cost?

The price typically ranges between $8 to $25 per square foot. Homeowners find they save money in the long run because they aren’t buying yard maintenance items.

Will installing artificial turf help increase my property values?

According to home financial experts, an investment in quality landscaping adds value to your home from 100 percent of your cost up to double your investment. The real value is that a low-maintenance lawn is a factor in a home selling quickly.

Will weeds ever grow through my artificial lawn?

Weeds are not typical in an artificial lawn. Some may grow around the border, and there may be a sprout inside the infill. A standard weed killer can be used to control the rare weeds that may occur.

I thought artificial turf was just for sports fields. Can you use this for other applications?

Synthetic turf (fake grass) got its start on professional athletic fields, but newer products were developed specifically for residences. Homeowners choose this product for various reasons, including its consistent beauty, hassle-free maintenance, and water conservation. Some local governments and homeowners associations have regulations regarding synthetic lawns, so be sure to check with local ordinances before installing.

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