Month: October 2023

How Resistant Is Artificial Grass for Backyard to Turf Diseases Compared to Natural Grass?

Artificial Grass for Backyard vs Natural Grass-ftl5
A lush, green lawn is the pride and joy of many homeowners, but it can quickly turn into a nightmare due to various turf diseases. Unlike natural grass, however, artificial grass for backyard is impervious to these diseases. But just how resistant is artificial grass for your yard compared to natural grass? Take a look: How Does Natural Grass Catch Turf Diseases? Introducing you to turf diseases begins with understanding how natural grass falls prey to them. Conditions such as moisture levels, temperature, and lawn care practices play significant roles in triggering these diseases. Moisture Levels Excessive moisture trapped within...

How Comfortable Is Artificial Grass Around the Pool for Barefoot Walking?

The Ultimate Comfort of Artificial Grass Around the Pool-ftl4
Taking off your shoes and diving into the inviting waters of a swimming pool is one of the great joys of summer. However, dealing with slippery poolside surfaces leading to falls or injuries can be a nasty surprise. How can we make the pool surroundings a safer and more comfortable experience? Artificial grass around the pool holds the answer to your problem. The Discomfort of Wet Feet After your refreshing swim, your feet are wet and your skin is wrinkled - conditions that heighten sensitivity and can put you at greater risk of injury. A poolside that isn’t designed well can...

How Do Temperature Changes Affect the Best Artificial Putting Green?

The Impact of Temperature Changes on Artificial Putting Green-ftl 3
Whether you're a golf enthusiast looking to practice your shots or a homeowner planning the perfect backyard leisure spot, the best artificial putting green is an incredible addition to any home. It’s a breeze to maintain and offers the perfect ball for games. It also handles temperature changes without sustaining damage, unlike natural turf. Here’s why: Hot and Dry Temperatures Natural putting greens wilt and brown in hot and dry temperatures because they need a lot of water and expert care to stay healthy. These conditions can also lead to harder ground, which can drastically affect the roll of the...

Backyard Landscape Design with Artificial Grass: Can I Place Patio Furniture on Top of Artificial Grass?

Backyard Landscape Design With Artificial Grass and Patio Furniture - FTL 2
Creating a patio where you can relax and feel the fresh air at any time of the day can elevate your lifestyle and property value. When you top off your patio and backyard landscape design with artificial grass, the possibilities are endless.  Besides unlimited customization, synthetic turf also works well with outdoor decor and furnishings. So don’t hold back on adding style and comfort pieces to your patio design. Take a closer look at how synthetic turf and patio furniture match: Can I Place Patio Furniture on Artificial Grass? Yes, you can place patio furniture on synthetic turf without damaging...

Will Artificial Turf for Dogs Cause Any Allergies or Health Issues for Pets?

You want the best for your four-legged family members. One part of this is ensuring your backyard isn't making your dogs sick or uncomfortable. Natural grass can trigger allergic reactions and cause various health issues for pets. On the bright side, the solution can be as straightforward as switching to artificial turf for dogs. Artificial Grass Reduces the Risk of Allergies in Dogs As a pet parent, you may have noticed bouts of sneezing, itching, or swollen paws during certain times of the year. These symptoms can be a sign of grass allergies, a common issue for dogs and one...

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