Pest-Free Playgrounds: 11 Critters Artificial Turf for Landscaping Deters

11 Playground Pests Artificial Turf for Landscaping Deters - FieldTurfLandScape 2-min
Hearing laughter and seeing joy on a child's face is priceless while they enjoy playground time. But, lurking in the grass could be pests that pose harm to precious playtime. The following pests love the warmth, protection and possible food sources that playgrounds with natural grass offer. Let’s look into how transitioning to artificial turf for landscaping can keep them at bay: 1. Ants Ants are small creatures, but their effect can be significantly felt, especially by little feet that may disturb an anthill.  Species such as fire ants or pavement ants are common disruptors. Their bites are painful, can...

The Grass Is Always Greener: Artificial Turf Explained

Artificial Turf Explained
There’s a reason people once associated artificial grass with sports. The product was in fact created for that purpose. But over the years, turf technology has advanced drastically.  As a result, artificial turf comes in many shapes and sizes, and can be used for just about any application, from commercial landscapes to residential backyards, putting greens, pool areas and pet surfaces. Modern synthetic grass looks so natural that you may have not noticed but it’s likely all around you.  Read on to learn more about how artificial lawns have grown into the product we know and love today. The Playing...

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