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Why Infill Is a Must for Backyard Putting Green Artificial Grass

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Infill may be invisible, but it’s absolutely critical for putting green artificial grass. This crucial material fills the blades of synthetic turf to enable the look, feel, and performance that make today’s faux lawns and home putting greens nearly indistinguishable from the real thing. But what exactly is infill and what types are out there? We’re answering those questions and mor What Is Infill and Why Do You Need It? It refers to the material that fills the turf backing to the top of the grass blades. It’s usually fine-grained sand or granules of rubber, minerals, or organic materials like...

How Do Temperature Changes Affect the Best Artificial Putting Green?

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Whether you're a golf enthusiast looking to practice your shots or a homeowner planning the perfect backyard leisure spot, the best artificial putting green is an incredible addition to any home. It’s a breeze to maintain and offers the perfect ball for games. It also handles temperature changes without sustaining damage, unlike natural turf. Here’s why: Hot and Dry Temperatures Natural putting greens wilt and brown in hot and dry temperatures because they need a lot of water and expert care to stay healthy. These conditions can also lead to harder ground, which can drastically affect the roll of the...

On the Green: The True Roll of Putting Green Artificial Grass for Golfers

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Precision and performance are paramount in golf. As every golfer knows, an impeccable playing surface can make all the difference between a birdie or a bogey. One of the critical aspects that can drastically impact a golfer's performance is the “roll” of the ball on the putting green. If you dream of having a backyard course that always delivers true roll, you can’t go wrong with choosing putting green artificial grass. Why Does Ball Roll Matter in Putting Greens? The roll of the golf ball on the putting green is a crucial element that directly impacts the golfer's score. The...

How Putting Green Artificial Grass Creates a Professional Practice Surface for Golf

If you’re not familiar with FieldTurf putting green artificial grass, you may have doubts about how it performs. First, it’s nothing like your local putt-putt course – it’s super fun, but nowhere near a real golf course. At FieldTurf, we specialize in providing artificial grass solutions that truly mirror the experience of playing on a natural golf course. In fact, our artificial putting greens are used by everyone from leisure golfers to PGA pros looking to stay sharp between tours.  Let’s walk you through some of the reasons why: Unparalleled Putting Turf Quality for Realistic Play One of the standout...

13 Top Tips for Designing a Pro-Grade Putting Green With Artificial Grass

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Tired of driving to your local golf course to play your favorite sport? Why not build a putting green with artificial grass in your backyard? Synthetic turf for golf offers the same playability as the turf at the course but with extra benefits. Unlike natural grass, it takes only hours or days to set up, is impervious to golf damage, and is a breeze to maintain. It also works well with any design, and with the following tips, you can build a pro-grade backyard putting green in no time! 1. Choose the Right Artificial Grass Not all artificial grass is...

12 Reasons Why You Should Own a Backyard Putting Green

Beautiful putting green for home.
Golfers are passionate about their sport and want to get the most out of their practice sessions. Whether you’re just getting started with putting or you’ve been golfing for years, putting greens for home are an excellent way to improve your game. But there are other great reasons to invest in a home putting green – read on to learn more about why you should consider investing in one for your own home. 1. Improve Putting Accuracy Through Practice Having an artificial putting green at home means you can practice putting whenever you want.  Regular practice on the outdoor putting...

5 Advantages of FieldTurf for Golf Tees and Driving Ranges

FieldTurf For Golf Tees And Driving Ranges
FieldTurf has perfected artificial turf and synthetic grass, and the use-cases for our products are almost unlimited. Obviously, our turf is excellent for installing in putting greens. But did you know we’ve also mastered turf for tee lines and driving ranges? Yes, we continue to break new ground with innovative applications for our product. Read on to learn how you can build a golfers’ paradise. Realistic Playing Surface FieldTurf uses high-quality turf that has been expertly crafted to look and feel like real, professional golf grass. And that’s an important distinction. Cheap mats can hurt golfers in the long run,...

8 Reasons to Install an Artificial Putting Green

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Golf is a tedious game that requires hours of practice. Avid golfers never tire of improving their game and actually enjoy practicing their putting and chipping. But this usually requires trips to their local course. Imagine the advantage you’d have if you could practice every day on your very own customized putting green. Well, with artificial turf, you can. Here are a few reasons why you should definitely invest in your game with a home putting green. Improve Your Game Practice is essential when it comes to the game of golf. When you install an artificial putting green in your...

Artificial Putting Green: What to Consider and 10 Small Backyard Putting Green Ideas

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So you’ve made the wise decision to invest in installing a putting green. Not only will you save money on visits to the golf course, but you’ll also ensure that you can get a leg up on your golf buddies by practicing as often as you want. Factors to Consider When Installing an Artificial Putting Green Still, before you install a backyard putting green, there are plenty of options and recommendations for putting greens to consider. Here are some of the things you should think about as you start planning your short-game oasis. Anywhere You Like FieldTurf Landscape’s artificial turf...

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