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13 Top Tips for Designing a Pro-Grade Putting Green With Artificial Grass

Tips for a Pro-Level Course With Putting Green Artificial Grass-ftl2
Tired of driving to your local golf course to play your favorite sport? Why not build a putting green with artificial grass in your backyard? Synthetic turf for golf offers the same playability as the turf at the course but with extra benefits. Unlike natural grass, it takes only hours or days to set up, is impervious to golf damage, and is a breeze to maintain. It also works well with any design, and with the following tips, you can build a pro-grade backyard putting green in no time! 1. Choose the Right Artificial Grass Not all artificial grass is...

“Five Reasons Why You Should Own a Home Putting Green”

Beautiful putting green for home.
Golfers are passionate about their sport and want to get the most out of their practice sessions. Whether you’re just getting started with putting or you’ve been golfing for years, putting greens for home are an excellent way to improve your game. With a putting green right in your backyard, you can practice anytime and have the chance to perfect your technique. But there are other great reasons to invest in a home putting green – read on to learn more about why you should consider investing in one for your own home. Improve Your Game with Putting Greens for...

5 Advantages of FieldTurf for Golf Tees and Driving Ranges

FieldTurf For Golf Tees And Driving Ranges
FieldTurf has perfected artificial turf and synthetic grass, and the use-cases for our products are almost unlimited. Obviously, our turf is excellent for installing in putting greens. But did you know we’ve also mastered turf for tee lines and driving ranges? Yes, we continue to break new ground with innovative applications for our product. Read on to learn how you can build a golfers’ paradise. Realistic Playing Surface FieldTurf uses high-quality turf that has been expertly crafted to look and feel like real, professional golf grass. And that’s an important distinction. Cheap mats can hurt golfers in the long run,...

8 Reasons to Install an Artificial Putting Green

Artificial Putting Green at home
Golf is a tedious game that requires hours of practice. Avid golfers never tire of improving their game and actually enjoy practicing their putting and chipping. But this usually requires trips to their local course. Imagine the advantage you’d have if you could practice every day on your very own customized putting green. Well, with artificial turf, you can. Here are a few reasons why you should definitely invest in your game with a home putting green. Improve Your Game Practice is essential when it comes to the game of golf. When you install an artificial putting green in your...

What to Consider When Installing a Personal Putting Green

Installing a Putting Green at home
So you’ve made the wise decision to invest in a personal putting green. Not only will you save money on visits to the golf course, but you’ll also ensure that you can get the leg up on your golf buddies by practicing as often as you want. Still, before you get your custom artificial turf installed, there are plenty of options and ideas to consider. Here are some of the things you should think about as you start planning your short-game oasis. Anywhere You Like FieldTurf Landscape’s artificial turf is not only incredibly realistic, but it’s also highly adaptable. That...

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