Month: September 2023

Pest-Free Playgrounds: 11 Critters Artificial Turf for Landscaping Deters

11 Playground Pests Artificial Turf for Landscaping Deters - FieldTurfLandScape 2-min
Hearing laughter and seeing joy on a child's face is priceless while they enjoy playground time. But, lurking in the grass could be pests that pose harm to precious playtime. The following pests love the warmth, protection and possible food sources that playgrounds with natural grass offer. Let’s look into how transitioning to artificial turf for landscaping can keep them at bay: 1. Ants Ants are small creatures, but their effect can be significantly felt, especially by little feet that may disturb an anthill.  Species such as fire ants or pavement ants are common disruptors. Their bites are painful, can...

Artificial Grass for Backyards: The Perfect Solution for Surface Stability

Improving Surface Stability With Artificial Grass for Backyards - FieldTurfLandScape 1-min
Is your backyard becoming a risky endeavor due to unstable surfaces? Uneven ground and unsightly patches can pose significant challenges for homeowners. However, the solution to enhancing your yard's stability, reducing hazards, and improving aesthetics is just an installation away: artificial grass for backyards. This low-maintenance and reliable surface not only creates a safe and even terrain but also adds a touch of lush green beauty to your outdoor space. The Dangers of Uneven Yard Grounds The uneven yard ground doesn't just mar the aesthetics of your backyard. It also hides hazards that can expose you and your loved ones...

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