Artificial Grass Around the Pool: 10 Unique Backyard Pool Makeover Ideas

August 7, 2023 FieldTurf Landscape
Creating an attractive and inviting outdoor space can dramatically enhance the aesthetics of your home while providing a peaceful sanctuary to relax and unwind. A...
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Creating an attractive and inviting outdoor space can dramatically enhance the aesthetics of your home while providing a peaceful sanctuary to relax and unwind. A backyard pool surrounded by vibrant green, lush artificial grass isn’t just visually striking, but it also adds a luxurious touch to your outdoor oasis. 

Integrate artificial grass around your pool area to create an ambiance that’s not only breathtaking but also functional and easy to maintain. Each design idea we discuss aims to harmonize the pool and surrounding area into one coherent, vibrant space. 

Get inspired for your backyard pool makeover with these ideas:

1. Seamless Integration

Extend the same color and texture of artificial grass used throughout your backyard right up to the edge of your pool. This consistency in landscape design creates a seamless transition that makes your backyard pool appear more expansive and integrated with the rest of the garden.

2. Tropical Oasis

Enhance the vibrant, green Field Turf synthetic grass with an array of tropical plants like palms and ferns. The vibrant green of the artificial turf will contrast beautifully with the colorful flowers and exotic foliage, creating a tropical paradise around your backyard pool, perfect for lounging and sunbathing.

3. The Zen Approach

Artificial grass can provide the perfect base for a calming Zen garden. Install a stone pathway across the grass, leading to the pool, and surround it with Zen elements like a bamboo fence, a water feature and minimalistic furniture. The artificial grass will maintain the fresh green look, complementing the calm, relaxing atmosphere.

4. Kids’ Fun Zone

Artificial grass’ durable and non-slip properties make it an excellent choice for a children’s play area. Install a slide that plunges directly into the pool or a swing set on the edge of the grass. The artificial turf will cushion any falls, making it a safer play area, and its easy-to-clean nature will take care of any mess.

5. Fire Pit Corner

A fire pit near an artificial grass lawn creates a warm, inviting corner. Choose a spot away from the pool and the turf itself for safety, but still allowing you to enjoy the flickering flames while taking a nighttime dip. The grass will add to the cozy feel and provide comfortable seating or lounging during cooler evenings.

6. Putting Green

A mini-golf course or a putting green can be a unique and fun addition. This design idea provides a playful activity for guests, especially during pool parties. The durability of artificial grass makes it suitable for this purpose, and its smooth texture is perfect for creating an aesthetically pleasing green that matches professional standards.

7. Artificial Grass Patio

Swap your concrete or wooden deck with artificial grass around your pool to create a patio with a softer, cooler underfoot feel. Place sun loungers or a dining set on the grass, right next to the pool, creating a comfortable and inviting relaxation or dining area that maintains the green continuity in your backyard.

8. Luxurious Spa Setting

For a sense of luxury, dedicate a corner of your artificial grass area to a hot tub or sauna. The artificial turf provides a soft, cool surface for stepping out, while the surrounding greenery adds to the relaxing spa-like ambiance. Complement the setup with fragrant plants like lavender or rosemary for a truly soothing atmosphere.

9. Elevated Cabana

Build an elevated cabana on a raised platform of artificial grass, providing a shady retreat from the sun. This setup creates a perfect spot to relax after a swim, with the artificial turf adding a touch of comfort and luxury. Add in some outdoor furniture and maybe a mini fridge to complete your poolside cabana.

10. Mosaic Pathway

Install a pathway of stepping stones embedded in artificial grass to guide the way around your pool. It provides a practical walking path while adding an artistic touch to your landscape. Choose stones that complement your pool and home’s exterior design for a harmonious look.

These are just a few examples of how artificial grass can transform your backyard pool area. Remember, the best design will be one that reflects your personal style and caters to your needs.

Transform Your Backyard Pool with Artificial Grass

Revitalizing your backyard pool area with artificial grass can breathe new life into your outdoor spaces. The possibilities for backyard landscape design with artificial grass are virtually limitless, providing you with the opportunity to craft an area that suits your lifestyle and aesthetic.

At Field Turf Landscape, we are passionate about transforming outdoor spaces with our high-quality artificial grass solutions. Our experienced team can help you select and design the perfect artificial grass layout for your backyard pool.

Why wait to live the dream? Contact us online or call us at 866-352-4575 today for a free consultation.

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