Month: May 2024

The No-Fuss Guide to Cleaning the Best Synthetic Turf for Dogs

Essential Maintenance for a Safe Pet-Friendly synthetic Yard
For the most part, the best synthetic turf for dogs is a “set it and forget it” solution for homeowners. You don’t have to worry about the usual issues with dogs and natural lawns like dead grass, holes, and worn paths. However, pet turf still needs a bit of love to stay its best. Let's break down the simple cleaning and maintenance steps that will keep your artificial turf vibrant for years of pet-friendly enjoyment. The Benefits of a Regular Cleaning Routine for Pet Turf Outdoor turf for dogs requires a bit more maintenance than regular installations simply because of...

Comparing Synthetic Turf for Playgrounds vs. Other Surfacing Options

Synthetic Grass Play Area Surface
Building an amazing playground involves more than just the swings and slides. The surface is a vital piece of the puzzle. It can affect everything from a playground’s safety to how much work it takes to maintain it. Let's discuss the pros and cons of popular choices—concrete, natural grass, mulch, and synthetic grass—so you can make the most informed decision for your space. Concrete for Playgrounds Let's start with the classic choice: concrete. It offers durability, low maintenance, and a flat, predictable surface for activities like wheeled toys.  However, its unforgiving hardness significantly increases the risk of injuries from falls....

FieldTurf for Home Installation: DIY Design Phase Blueprint 

Maximizing Home Appeal with Smart Synthetic Lawn Planning - FieldTurfLandscape 3
Installing FieldTurf artificial grass for homes is a smart way to upgrade your outdoor space. While it’s possible to achieve a flawless DIY installation, getting the design right is a huge part of the process.  It sets the stage for a smooth installation and helps ensure your artificial lawn looks amazing and functions perfectly for years to come. Let’s get you started with this quick guide to planning your synthetic turf installation. Why You Should Take Your Time with Artificial Grass Design Think of the design phase as the blueprint that guides your entire project. A well-thought-out design ensures that...

3 Stunning Artificial Grass Front Yard Ideas (Includes Design Tips!)

Artificial Grass Design Inspo for a Front Yard That Pops - FieldTurfLandscape 2
Synthetic turf offers a beautiful blank canvas for landscaping. It’s much more versatile than natural grass since you don’t have to worry about keeping it alive around your designs. It’s also a wonderful way to add green to any part of your home. Below, we list some of the year's favorite artificial grass front yard ideas, from live plants to xeriscapes.  Tip If you try any of these designs and realize you don’t like it, a lawn makeover is a breeze with synthetic grass. 1. Front Lawn Planter Boxes Planter boxes beautifully complement artificial grass for yards, breaking up the...

How To Make Your Outdoor Putting Green More Challenging

Smart Ways to Up the Challenge on Your Artificial Putting Green - FieldTurfLandscape 1
Artificial putting green turf is designed to mimic the behavior of grass on an actual golf course, from ball roll to bounce and other features. Regular putting greens are a fun addition to any home, but if your goal is serious practice, you need to level it up with some serious challenges. Here are some great ideas to try: Adding Contours and Slopes with Putting Greens Most golf courses feature subtle undulations designed to test players' ability to read the greens and adjust their putting strokes. It’s one of the easiest designs to execute with artificial grass, regardless of your...

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