Month: August 2023

On the Green: The True Roll of Putting Green Artificial Grass for Golfers

Why Does Ball Roll Matter in Putting Greens - FieldTurfLandscape 2
Precision and performance are paramount in golf. As every golfer knows, an impeccable playing surface can make all the difference between a birdie or a bogey. One of the critical aspects that can drastically impact a golfer's performance is the “roll” of the ball on the putting green. If you dream of having a backyard course that always delivers true roll, you can’t go wrong with choosing putting green artificial grass. Why Does Ball Roll Matter in Putting Greens? The roll of the golf ball on the putting green is a crucial element that directly impacts the golfer's score. The...

Artificial Grass Around the Pool: 10 Unique Backyard Pool Makeover Ideas

10 Unique Landscaping Ideas With Artificial Grass Around Pool - FieldTurfLandscape 1
Creating an attractive and inviting outdoor space can dramatically enhance the aesthetics of your home while providing a peaceful sanctuary to relax and unwind. A backyard pool surrounded by vibrant green, lush artificial grass isn't just visually striking, but it also adds a luxurious touch to your outdoor oasis.  Integrate artificial grass around your pool area to create an ambiance that's not only breathtaking but also functional and easy to maintain. Each design idea we discuss aims to harmonize the pool and surrounding area into one coherent, vibrant space.  Get inspired for your backyard pool makeover with these ideas: 1....

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