What Kind of Turf Do You Use for a Putting Green?

February 23, 2024 FieldTurf Landscape
Backyard putting green installation requires a different type of artificial grass versus those we use for general landscaping. To mimic the playing conditions of a...
Choosing Top-Quality Artificial Turf for Backyard Putting Greens - fieldturf

Backyard putting green installation requires a different type of artificial grass versus those we use for general landscaping. To mimic the playing conditions of a real golf course, our putting green turf typically has these features: 

  • Shorter Blade Height: Putting green turf has a very short blade length – typically no higher than 0.5 inches. This lower cut more closely mimics the speed and texture of a real golf green. Landscaping artificial tends to have longer blades that slow down the ball roll and reduce accuracy on putts.
  • Minimal Thatch Layer: Artificial putting green turf should have little thatch buildup between the blades – even less so than typical landscaping turf. Minimal to no thatching enables a smoother ball roll rather than impeding the path. 
  • Backing Permeability: Permeable backing is a must to enable drainage through the artificial turf so no puddles form on the surface after rainfall or heavy use. Good permeability also prevents matting compression and uneven spots over time. Proper drainage keeps your putting green level and consistent during practice.
  • Backing Durability: Putting green turf requires a durable backing that resists delaminating or tearing from the frequent foot traffic and golf spikes. Look for strong backings rated to handle continuous activity without damage underfoot.
  • Putting Green Infill: Finally, infill stabilizes the turf and provides a proper mix of grip, speed, and accuracy to mimic high end putting green performance. It also makes the turf look and feel realistic overall.

Whether choosing nylon, polyethylene or polypropylene blades, make sure your selected putting green turf checks off these features for ideal functionality and longevity in your backyard installation.

Why Quality Putting Green Turf Is Worth It

Budget considerations aside, prioritizing quality artificial turf guarantees better putting experiences in the long run. With quality turf, you can count on:

  • • Consistent ball roll speed no matter the weather conditions
  • • Long-lasting plush appearance even after years of use
  • • A smooth, cushioned feel underfoot for comfortable putting
  • • Effective drainage thanks to permeability and base prep
  • • Visual appeal that enhances your landscape

Lesser quality turf may negatively impact your putts, require frequent replacement, or simply not withstand heavy activity. So make sure to examine fiber density, backing durability, warranty coverage, and independent testing when comparing options. Planning your dream putting green in the backyard takes an investment, so choose artificial that will hold up and perform for years to come.

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