Why Artificial Turf Is the Best Choice for Play Surfaces

November 25, 2021 FieldTurf Landscape
When preparing a playground, planning is paramount. In an area that will be frequented by children, safety, cleanliness and durability are all top concerns. Fortunately,...
Artificial turf for play surface
Artificial turf for play surface

When preparing a playground, planning is paramount. In an area that will be frequented by children, safety, cleanliness and durability are all top concerns. Fortunately, there’s a simple solution to ensure that playtime can be as safe and stress-free as possible: artificial turf.

Non-toxic, aesthetically pleasing and soft to the touch, there are countless benefits that give artificial turf the edge over other options for your playground project. Read on to learn why synthetic grass is the best possible surface for your play area.

A Play-Safe System

When it comes to your child’s playtime, their safety is most important. Fortunately, artificial turf is a much more friendly surface than any other option. Made with realistic yet incredibly soft grass blades and cushioned with a soft play pad and crumb-rubber infill, artificial turf is bouncy and soft, meaning it will prevent injuries when children play rough or fall.

Avoid Toxins and Pests

Of course, you might think that natural grass means the most healthy play area for your child, but that’s simply not the case. Real grass requires fertilizers, pesticides and other potentially dangerous products to stay fresh and green. Artificial turf is both non-toxic and surprisingly eco-friendly as it does not require the same chemicals for upkeep. Since the grass isn’t actually real, insects and other pests will simply show no interest in it. 

Withstand Hard Play

Children are not exactly known for their delicate touch. With real grass, that can mean endless headaches as they tear up the lawn, make a mess and generally wreak havoc on your yard. Fortunately, artificial turf is highly durable, and your child will have a tough time destroying it when they’re horsing around. 

Keep the Kiddos Clean

Real grass isn’t just a pain to upkeep. It can also cause all kinds of problems with kids. Your child might have allergies and suffer from reactions to the playing surface and lawn trimmings. Outside of allergies, all children are subject to muddy shoes and grass stains — two problems that are out of the question with artificial grass. 

The Grass Is Always Greener

And here’s the best part: your playground will continue looking fresh, brand new and clean all year with little-to-no maintenance. Artificial turf can save you up to 70 percent on your water bill, as the grass only needs to be rinsed off periodically. The lawn will stay green through every season and won’t fade or stain like real grass. 

Choose FieldTurf

Now that you know the pros of getting synthetic grass for your playground, we’ve got some great news: FieldTurf Landscape is one of the industry leaders in artificial turf for children’s play areas. We’re even certified by the International Play Equipment Manufacturers Association (IPEMA). Whether it’s being installed in your residential home or a shared public area, we’d love to help you perfect your artificial turf playground project. 

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