The Most Common Commercial Applications for Artificial Turf

November 25, 2021 FieldTurf Landscape
When we think of artificial turf, there are usually two main uses that come to mind: athletic stadiums and residential backyards. But the grass goes...

When we think of artificial turf, there are usually two main uses that come to mind: athletic stadiums and residential backyards. But the grass goes much deeper. As a matter of fact, synthetic grass has unlimited potential for your commercial landscaping needs. Whether you’re operating a small mom-and-pop shop or a large facility on a massive plot of land, there are no shortage of ways that artificial turf can simplify your life and beautify your business.

Here are the top commercial uses for artificial turf.

Doggy Daycare

Pets can be rambunctious little creatures. That’s why we love them! But real lawns certainly don’t, as dogs in particular are just as likely to rip up a yard as they are to use it as a bathroom. Fortunately, artificial turf is incredibly durable and easy to clean, making it the ideal choice for doggy day cares, dog parks and other high-traffic pet facilities.

Golf Greens

There are many moving pieces when it comes to a golf facility, but one thing you’ll always need is a playable surface. Fortunately, artificial turf is an ideal solution for every step of the way. From putting greens to driving ranges, synthetic grass can do it all. Even better, it’s an excellent choice to keep your mini-golf facility looking fresh and green no matter the time of year (or how many people have been hacking balls on the tee). 


Your shop has plenty of things that require your attention — lawn maintenance most certainly doesn’t need to be one of them. Even if it’s not getting much foot traffic, an artificial lawn can make for an aesthetically attractive addition to your retail space. If anything, it’s likely to turn heads when it looks so fresh, green and inviting year-round. 

Indoor Athletic Facilities

Major sports teams love artificial turf, but it’s an affordable and simple solution for athletic facilities of any size. Whether you’re operating an indoor soccer field, a private tennis court or a track-and-field training facility, you’ll definitely benefit from the use of artificial turf. It’s easy to install, incredibly low-maintenance and much safer than natural grass.

Swimming Pools

Combining liquid, smooth concrete and lots of foot traffic, swimming areas can often be a slippery recipe for disaster. Fortunately, artificial turf makes for the ideal poolside choice because it offers plenty of traction while absorbing excess water. Synthetic grass does not stain or fade, even when coming in contact with pool chemicals. It also doesn’t create mud or grass blades, meaning it’s easy to keep your pool clean. 

Children’s Play Areas

Playgrounds are another area where safety is paramount, and artificial turf is the ideal solution. Non-toxic and impossible to dig up, the landscape is incredibly easy to keep clean. Most importantly, it’s incredibly soft, meaning it will cushion falls and prevent injuries.

Communal Spaces

Whether you run an office building, a community center, an apartment building or any other sort of shared space, it’s a great idea to install artificial grass in your common areas. Not only does it greatly increase the aesthetic appeal and add a calming, relaxing zone to your business, but it can also cut down on maintenance costs in a major way.

Just About Anywhere Else

Artificial turf is the perfect choice for your commercial or residential landscaping needs, and our experts at FieldTurf will help you with any project, big or small. Our team is highly adaptable, with the ability to install durable, eco-friendly, low-maintenance turf on just about any surface, at any size. As an added bonus, we can also assist with the design and install, giving you more time to focus on what matters, whether it’s your business or your family. 

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