Artificial Grass Benefits: Beyond Just Looking Good

April 29, 2024 FieldTurf Landscape
Residential artificial grass has come a long way since those scratchy, plastic-like carpets of the past. The best turf products today look so natural it’s...
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Residential artificial grass has come a long way since those scratchy, plastic-like carpets of the past. The best turf products today look so natural it’s hard to tell them apart from the real thing. And when it comes to maintenance, durability, and safety, artificial grass trumps real grass in almost every way. 

Still, modern artificial grass offers way more than a beautiful, stress-free lawn experience. Here are some features you may not expect from synthetic turf:

1. Advanced Artificial Turf Blade Design

The blades of FieldTurf Landscape products come in various shapes, such as flat, v-shaped, w-shaped, and u-shaped. This allows our turf to resemble the organic and slightly imperfect appearance of real grass, with some blades standing upright, others bending or folding, and some curling or twisting. 

They’re also carefully designed to reflect light in various directions, creating the illusion of depth and texture similar to a natural lawn. To add even more realism, we also have artificial grass with a thatch layer, which looks like the organic layer of dead and decaying grass, roots, and stems between the soil and the green grass blades in a real lawn.

2. Antimicrobial Properties

Worried about sanitation, especially with kids and pets? Our synthetic turf incorporates antimicrobial properties to minimize the growth and spread of bacteria. Aside from keeping turf spaces sanitary, these coatings can also help reduce odor, which is particularly important for pet artificial grass.

3. Pet-Friendly Features

Speaking of pet artificial grass, FieldTurf Landscape artificial grass for dogs is enhanced with:

  • Superior Drainage: Efficient drainage systems handle pet waste, preventing lingering odors and keeping surfaces sanitary.
  • Resilient Fibers: Tough, durable fibers resist clawing, digging, and the rough-and-tumble play of pets.
  • Specialized Infill: Some infill options neutralize the ammonia in pet urine, further reducing odor issues.

4. Shock Absorption

You can add foam pads to FieldTurf Landscape artificial grass for extra protection in children’s play areas. This can help to cushion falls and reduce injury risk, especially around playground equipment.

5. Fire Resistance

FieldTurf Landscape products are designed with fire-resistant properties to boost the safety of our artificial grass for residential homes. When exposed to an open flame, our synthetic turf melts instead of burns, which can help slow the spread of fire.

6. UV Resistance

Our UV-stabilized fibers ensure your artificial grass retains its vibrant color over time. FieldTurf Landscape products also come with extensive warranties against fading and discoloration, demonstrating our confidence in the quality of our turf.

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