How Artificial Turf Holds Up Well to Dog Use

April 19, 2024 FieldTurf Landscape
Real grass is like catnip for most dogs. The moment you let them loose on a natural lawn, you’ll find them rolling, sniffing, marking, and...
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Real grass is like catnip for most dogs. The moment you let them loose on a natural lawn, you’ll find them rolling, sniffing, marking, and trying to rip out or eat the grass. And when it’s over, you’ve got a happy pup, but you and your lawn? Not so much. At Fieldturf Landscape, we’ve engineered the best artificial grass for pets. It’s virtually indestructible by even the naughtiest paws.

Designed to Withstand Dog Use

Unlike natural grass, which can be easily damaged by digging or excessive play. Our artificial turf is constructed with a strong backing material that resists tearing and maintains its integrity even under heavy use.

Dogs will struggle to get enough grip on the turf fibers to tear them out. The infill also adds more weight to artificial grass for dogs. Making it harder for dogs to damage a synthetic lawn.

Stain-Resistant and Easy to Clean

Peeing and marking are another common way dogs can ruin natural grass. Dog pee is loaded with nitrogen and salts. Over time, this can “burn” grass, leading to brown or yellow patches all over your yard.

FieldTurf Landscape pet turf is 100% resistant to urine burn. Our artificial grass products have special coatings to preserve that vibrant green color while protecting it from fading and discoloration. 

And yes, your dog can go potty on artificial pet turf just like they would on real grass. The only difference is that it’s a breeze to clean their mess. A simple rinse with a hose or a mild vinegar solution is often all it takes to remove stubborn stains and odors, leaving your lawn looking and smelling fresh.

Health Benefits of Pet Turf

Beyond its practical advantages, artificial grass also offers health benefits for your beloved canine companion. By eliminating the need for watering, synthetic turf prevents the formation of muddy patches that can lead to bacterial infections and dirty paws tracked into your home.

Additionally, artificial grass provides a safe, cushioned surface for your dog to play and run, reducing the risk of injury compared to hard surfaces like concrete or packed dirt.

Finally, by eliminating the breeding ground for fleas and ticks, artificial grass helps protect your pet from these pesky pests, ensuring they can enjoy the great outdoors without the risk of picking up unwanted hitchhikers.

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At FieldTurf Landscape, we offer high-quality synthetic turf products designed to withstand the demands of dog ownership while providing a safe and comfortable environment for your furry family members.

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