Keeping Odors at Bay with Pet-Friendly Artificial Grass

January 25, 2024 FieldTurf Landscape
Your dog, peeing and pooping on plastic grass… it's understandable if the idea gives you pause, especially if pet waste has already damaged your natural...
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Your dog, peeing and pooping on plastic grass… it’s understandable if the idea gives you pause, especially if pet waste has already damaged your natural lawn. 

Specifically, you may worry that synthetic materials can’t properly drain urine, leading to lingering odors that create an unpleasant space for pets and people. 

As we’ll explain below, FieldTurf Landscape artificial grass for pets can handle dog waste easily and more efficiently than real grass, and that includes drainage.

How Artificial Grass Handles Pet Waste

At the heart of our durable, pet friendly artificial turf system is the drainage layer featuring MaxxFlow. This 100% perforated backing that allows liquid to easily pass through the grass blades without pooling on top. This liquid then flows through an aggregate subsurface layer consisting of small gravel stones or sand, allowing it to seep into the soil below to disperse naturally. 

As a result, urine does not cling to the synthetic grass fibers or linger on the surface. Instead, it drains completely away within moments so odor-causing bacteria have no chance to grow.

Odor Prevention Tips for Pet Turf

High-quality turf products and installation go a long way towards preventing odor, but for best results, keep these tips  in mind: 

  • • Remove solid waste immediately before it seeps into the turf and infill material. This also helps avoid tracking.
  • • Rinse away urine from the artificial grass using a hose on low pressure.
  • • Maintain a deodorizing infill like antimicrobial acrylic coating or zeolite minerals which prevent bacterial growth.
  • • Frequently groom the lawn using a stiff brush, rake, or vacuum to lift debris hiding down in infill level.
  • • Periodically clean with an artificial grass cleaner containing enzymes that break down urine and waste residues.
  • • Replenish clean infill material whenever it becomes excessively dirty or compacted.

By actively caring for your synthetic grass system, you’ll help it better repel odors over the long term. For more deep cleaning tips, head over to this article!

Learn More About Artificial Pet Turf

We hope learning about the science behind odor prevention in modern artificial grass gives you confidence to move forward with a pet-friendly synthetic lawn. 

If you still have questions, please reach out to our team. We can also connect you with a local FieldTurf Landscape dealer who will provide free consultations, recommendations, and quotes tailored for you and your pets. To get started, call us at 866-352-4575 or send us a message.

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