How Putting Green Artificial Grass Creates a Professional Practice Surface for Golf

June 19, 2023 FieldTurf Landscape
If you’re not familiar with FieldTurf putting green artificial grass, you may have doubts about how it performs. First, it’s nothing like your local putt-putt...

If you’re not familiar with FieldTurf putting green artificial grass, you may have doubts about how it performs. First, it’s nothing like your local putt-putt course – it’s super fun, but nowhere near a real golf course.

At FieldTurf, we specialize in providing artificial grass solutions that truly mirror the experience of playing on a natural golf course. In fact, our artificial putting greens are used by everyone from leisure golfers to PGA pros looking to stay sharp between tours. 

Let’s walk you through some of the reasons why:

Unparalleled Putting Turf Quality for Realistic Play

One of the standout features of our putting green artificial grass is the quality of the turf. Our products are crafted with a high stitch rate and a short, dense pile, typically measuring between 3/8″ and 1/2″ in height. 

This configuration is ideal for a golfing surface, mimicking the tight, uniform surface commonly found on natural golf greens. The dense pile offers a smooth roll for golf balls, ensuring accurate lines and speeds. This attention to detail helps create a consistent playing surface that meets the standards of professional golfers.

Detailed Design Elements for Advanced Training

The “best artificial putting green” will look different for every golfer, which is why every FieldTurf Landscape project begins with a consultation. We’ll hash out all the details of your custom green then bring it all to life.

With that said, FieldTurf putting greens are designed to meet the needs of even the most advanced players. Our partner installers can incorporate various elements that replicate real golf course conditions. 

For example, you can have them include undulations and multiple hole locations to challenge your putting skills. Fringe areas and sand traps can also be integrated to replicate the diverse terrain of a full-scale golf course. These features push your golfing skills to the limit, making practice sessions more challenging and rewarding.

Customizable Green Speed for Practice Accuracy

Our artificial grass putting greens can be customized to achieve your desired green speed or Stimpmeter rating. By selecting the right infill material, such as fine sand or specialized infill products, our installers can help you fine-tune the speed of the putting surface to match those of professional golf courses.

The use of FieldTurf artificial grass also gives you the ability to change the green speed as your skills develop. Simply talk to your installer for guidance.

Multi-Tier Greens for Varied Practice

Another benefit of going with FieldTurf putting greens is that they can be designed as multi-tier greens. This introduces different levels of difficulty to your practice sessions. 

Multi-tier greens offer varying slopes and breaks, allowing you to practice a variety of putts and approach shots, just as you would on the links. The seamless transitions between the tiers help maintain a smooth and consistent playing surface, enhancing the realism of your practice sessions.

Chipping Areas for Added Challenge

Finally, FieldTurf artificial grass putting greens can also be installed with realistic chipping areas. These areas are covered with slightly taller FieldTurf synthetic grass to mimic the rough of a natural golf course. With these on your green, you’ll be able to sharpen both your short game and your putting skills in the comfort of your home.

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FieldTurf synthetic grass putting greens are meticulously designed to deliver a professional-grade golfing experience. 

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With FieldTurf, you’re not just buying a product—you’re investing in a high-quality golfing experience that’s designed to last. We’re looking forward to working with you!

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