Why Artificial Turf for Landscaping Is Safer For Children Than Real Grass

June 26, 2023 FieldTurf Landscape
Parents everywhere can agree on one thing: our children's safety is more important than anything else. Unfortunately, the backyard often gets overlooked in this regard....
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Parents everywhere can agree on one thing: our children’s safety is more important than anything else. Unfortunately, the backyard often gets overlooked in this regard. While natural grass might be the traditional choice, FieldTurf artificial grass for backyard applications has several features that make it a safer option.

Enhanced Durability and Traction

FieldTurf artificial turf landscaping materials are designed with child safety as a core principle. Merging superior engineering with modern synthetic materials. 

A key benefit is its year-round durability. Unlike natural grass, which can wear thin and become slippery, especially in rainy conditions, FieldTurf maintains a consistently high level of grip. 

This traction is crucial for kids at play, preventing slips and falls. It also won’t develop holes or uneven surfaces that might cause trips. In other words, children can enjoy their outdoor play, regardless of the weather, with a reduced risk of accidents.

Improved Softness and Cushioning

FieldTurf products and systems are specifically designed to have a soft, cushioned surface. This resilience is made possible due to an infill made of tiny sand and rubber particles, plus an optional foam pad, aka shock pad.

Both infill and foam pads give the turf a springy feeling that helps cushion falls, reducing the chance of scrapes, bruises, or more serious injuries.  In contrast, natural grass can become compacted over time, especially in high-traffic areas, reducing its ability to soften falls.

Hypoallergenic Properties

Artificial turf landscaping products from FieldTurf are hypoallergenic, providing a playing surface free of pollen and other allergens that are common in natural grass. For children with allergies or asthma, this means they can play freely in the yard without worrying about potential allergen exposure. 

Furthermore, FieldTurf is resistant to mold and mildew growth, another common trigger for allergies and respiratory issues.

Pest-Free Environment

Unlike natural grass, Field Turf artificial grass does not attract pests like ants, ticks, and other insects. This feature provides an additional layer of safety, as children can play without the risk of insect bites or the diseases these pests might carry.

Free From Pesticides and Other Toxins

FieldTurf also requires significantly less maintenance compared to natural grass. It doesn’t need watering, mowing, fertilizing, or the use of pesticides, reducing children’s exposure to potentially harmful chemicals. Plus, it helps conserve water, an important consideration for eco-conscious families.

Temperature Control Technology

You can have your FieldTurf backyard installed with specialized infill that can reduce surface temperatures compared to standard artificial turf systems. This feature ensures the play area remains comfortable even on hot days.

FieldTurf offers an innovative solution for your backyard, prioritizing children’s safety with its enhanced durability, cushioning, hypoallergenic properties, and more. While nothing can completely eliminate the risks associated with outdoor play, FieldTurf can significantly mitigate many concerns parents may have about their backyard environment.

Set Up Your FieldTurf Installation

While every backyard and family is different, we believe FieldTurf products are a game-changer for many homes. 

And while we don’t perform the installations ourselves, we have a network of trusted, highly skilled partner installers across the country. They’re always ready to assist you in transforming your backyard into a safer, cleaner, and greener play area for your children.

We invite you to send us a message or call us at 866-352-4575 to learn more about FieldTurf artificial grass and its benefits. We’re more than happy to answer all your questions and connect you with our partner installers in your area. 

Give your children the gift of a safer backyard, and give yourself peace of mind, knowing you’re doing all you can to protect them while they have fun. Get in touch today!

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