How Artificial Grass Can Help Save You Money

March 25, 2024 FieldTurf Landscape
For many homeowners, the lush green appeal of a perfect lawn comes at a price. The time, sweat, and money poured into maintaining a natural...
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For many homeowners, the lush green appeal of a perfect lawn comes at a price. The time, sweat, and money poured into maintaining a natural grass landscape can add up quickly.  While artificial turf may seem like a pricier upfront investment, its long-term financial benefits paint a different picture.

Slashing the Water Bill

Natural lawns are notorious water guzzlers. Depending on your climate and lawn size, you could be spending hundreds of dollars annually keeping your grass green. Residential artificial turf eliminates this expense entirely. No more sprinklers, hoses, or battling drought restrictions –  it thrives without a single drop.

Trimming Your Time Commitment and Labor Costs

Mowing, edging, and weeding – these are just a few of the never-ending tasks that come with a natural lawn.  These time-consuming chores translate to money spent on lawnmowers, weed whackers, and potentially even landscaping services. Artificial turf removes all of these expenses virtually overnight.

Spend Zero on Fertilizers

Maintaining a healthy natural lawn often requires regular fertilization. These fertilizers can be costly and improper application can harm your lawn or pollute the environment– none of which are a factor with artificial turf landscaping.

Reduced Weed Control Expenses

Weeds are a persistent and costly nuisance in natural lawns.  Weed killers and selective herbicides add to your lawn care expenses and some can be harmful to pets and children.  Artificial turf acts as a natural weed barrier, preventing unwanted growth and saving you money on weed control products.

Reduced Replacement Costs

Natural lawns can suffer from wear and tear, harsh weather, or even disease. Patching or completely resodding damaged areas can be a significant expense.  Artificial turf, on the other hand, is extremely durable and requires minimal maintenance. 

And while the initial cost of installing artificial turf for a residential yard might seem higher than traditional sod, its lifespan is considerably longer. Artificial turf can last for 10-25 years with proper care, while a natural lawn typically needs reseeding every 5-7 years.  

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Yes, a natural lawn might seem like the cheaper option on the surface. But when you factor in the hidden costs of watering, maintenance, and potential replacements over time, artificial turf emerges as the smarter financial investment.  

It allows you to create a beautiful, low-maintenance lawn that saves you money and frees up your precious time.  So, if you’re looking for a way to achieve a vibrant landscape without breaking the bank, artificial turf might just be the green solution you’ve been searching for.

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