Backyard Landscape Design with Artificial Grass: Can I Place Patio Furniture on Top of Artificial Grass?

October 10, 2023 FieldTurf Landscape
Creating a patio where you can relax and feel the fresh air at any time of the day can elevate your lifestyle and property value....
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Creating a patio where you can relax and feel the fresh air at any time of the day can elevate your lifestyle and property value. When you top off your patio and backyard landscape design with artificial grass, the possibilities are endless. 

Besides unlimited customization, synthetic turf also works well with outdoor decor and furnishings. So don’t hold back on adding style and comfort pieces to your patio design. Take a closer look at how synthetic turf and patio furniture match:

Can I Place Patio Furniture on Artificial Grass?

Yes, you can place patio furniture on synthetic turf without damaging the installation. Here’s why:

  • Superior Durability: Artificial grass is incredibly robust. Its resilient synthetic fibers are designed to withstand pressure, so you can position your patio furnishings without causing damage.
  • Improved Weight Distribution: Unlike natural grass, which can yield to heavy furniture, creating dents or bare spots, artificial grass boasts excellent weight distribution capabilities. Its infill component, usually made from sand, helps to evenly distribute the furniture’s weight.
  • Comfortable Surface: Compared to stone, concrete, and other hard patio surfaces, artificial grass provides a cozy, cushioned surface that’s pleasant underfoot. This makes it perfect for areas where you’ll be walking barefoot or children will be playing.
  • Consistent Look: The lush green look of artificial grass adds a natural, inviting aesthetic to your patio area, providing an attractive contrast to your furniture.

Plan your patio and backyard landscape design with artificial grass knowing that the turf can handle your seating arrangements, tables, and other patio necessities.

4 Patio Design Ideas With Artificial Grass

Artificial grass is an excellent blank canvas for introducing a range of patio furniture types. Here are some design ideas that perfectly utilize artificial grass as a foundation:

1. Garden Dining Sets

Embrace an outdoor dining experience on your artificial lawn. Lightweight metal or wooden table and chair sets can easily be placed on your artificial turf. Enjoy a relaxing brunch or a dinner under the stars surrounded by the lovely aesthetics of your green space.

2. Outdoor Lounge Furniture

Create an inviting lounge area with soft sofas, sprawling lounge chairs, and a coffee table, perfect for leisurely afternoon chats. The plush greenery of artificial grass adds warmth and coziness, making this area a favorite weekend hangout.

3. Hammocks and Swing Seats

Does anything sound more relaxing than a hammock or swing seat on the patio, strung up between two beams or standalone supports? The artificial grass underneath ensures a soft landing, should you doze off and tumble out, in dreamy comfort.

4. Fire Pit Seating

Fire pit seating on an artificial grass patio is a surefire way to create a welcoming atmosphere. Circular or square seating arrangements with a central fire pit make for a cozy spot for evening gatherings.

Remember, your patio should reflect your personality and comfort needs. So whether it’s a contemporary look you’re after or a rustic aura, artificial grass can form the ideal backdrop to your patio furniture, facilitating enjoyable moments on your patio.

Revamp Your Patio With Artificial Grass 

Upgrading your patio and backyard landscape design with artificial grass not only enhances their look but also adds to their practicality. From withstanding patio furniture to providing a comfortable surface for relaxation, artificial grass is perfect for patios.

Excited to add synthetic turf to your outdoor living space? Trust our experts at Field Turf Landscape for premium artificial grass products and solutions. Our team can guide and help you through your patio transformation step by step. 

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