Can You Use Artificial Turf for Landscaping Rooftops? Straight Answers

April 20, 2023 FieldTurf Landscape
Stepping out onto your rooftop into a lush, green paradise sounds like a dream—but it’s one that artificial turf landscaping can turn into a reality....
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Stepping out onto your rooftop into a lush, green paradise sounds like a dream—but it’s one that artificial turf landscaping can turn into a reality.

Can You Install Artificial Grass on Rooftops?

Absolutely! Expert installers can lay down synthetic turf on most surfaces, including wood, concrete, tiles, and other roof deck materials. 

Rooftop Considerations: Does Artificial Grass Meet Them? 

Because of the rooftop’s location, there are limits to the ways you can design or enhance it. Let’s take a look at each consideration and whether synthetic turf meets them. 

Rooftop Weight Limit

Rooftops have a maximum weight capacity, determined by their structural design and the materials used during construction. Adding excessive weight to your rooftop could cause structural issues, resulting in potential damage or even collapse. 

Artificial turf for landscaping is lighter compared to traditional hardscape materials like concrete or pavers. So don’t worry about exceeding the weight limit or putting unnecessary strain on your building’s structure.

Weather Conditions

Rooftops are exposed to the elements, including sun, rain, wind, and snow, which can take a toll on your outdoor space. So its materials and furnishings must be durable and weather resistant.

Artificial grass ticks both boxes! It can withstand prolonged sun exposure, heavy rain, and even snow. It also has great drainage that’ll keep the area puddle-free.

Temperature Regulation

Rooftops can become extremely hot or cold, depending on their materials and the weather. So you must select materials that maintain a comfortable temperature.

Artificial grass doesn’t retain heat as much as concrete and other flooring options. It’s also UV-resistant, meaning it won’t fade or become damaged due to prolonged sun exposure. 

7 Creative Artificial Grass Design Ideas for Rooftops

Besides the benefits above, you can also use Field Turf artificial grass to get creative with your installation. Check out these ideas:

1. Zen Retreat

Install artificial grass to provide a lush, green base. Then, add a few large rocks, a stone pathway, and low-maintenance plants such as bamboo, Japanese maples, or ornamental grasses. Complete the serene atmosphere with a small water feature or pond to provide a soothing sound and promote relaxation.

2. Outdoor Dining Area

Use artificial grass to create a comfortable, inviting surface for guests to walk on. Then, add a large table, comfortable chairs, and a stylish umbrella to protect diners from the sun. String lights or lanterns can provide soft, ambient lighting for evening gatherings.

3. Private Putting Green

Choose artificial grass specifically designed for golf to create a realistic and functional putting surface. Incorporate different elevations and slopes to add challenge and interest to your rooftop golf course. Complete the space with a few well-placed flags and a seating area for spectators to enjoy.

4. Kid-Friendly Play Zone

The soft, cushioned surface is perfect for kids to run, jump, and play on without the risk of injury. Install the turf, then add a small playset, sandbox, or inflatable pool for hours of entertainment. 

5. Cozy Lounge Space

Create a cozy rooftop lounge space by combining fake grass for patio and other spaces with comfortable outdoor furniture. Add a plush outdoor sofa, lounge chairs, and a fire pit or heater for chilly evenings. Use a combination of pillows, throws, and outdoor rugs to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. 

Transform Your Rooftop Today!

Artificial grass will not only give your rooftop a whole new look. It’ll also make it a better place to spend time in. 

If you’re ready to breathe new life into your rooftop, look no further than Field Turf Landscape. You can count on our dealer network for everything, from helping you choose the best turf for your space to designing and installing it. We also offer synthetic turf products for other applications, like yards, pet spaces, and putting greens.

Send us a message online or call us at 866-352-4575 to get started!

Can You Use Artificial Turf for Landscaping Rooftops? Straight Answers

Stepping out onto your rooftop into a lush, green paradise sounds like a dream—but it’s one that artificial turf landscaping can turn into a reality. Can You Install Artificial Grass on Rooftops? Absolutely! Expert installers can lay down synthetic turf on most surfaces, including wood, concrete, tiles, and other roof deck materials.  Rooftop Considerations: Does...

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Can You Use Artificial Turf for Landscaping Rooftops? Straight Answers

Can You Use Artificial Turf for Landscaping Rooftops? Straight Answers

Stepping out onto your rooftop into a lush, green paradise sounds like a dream—but it’s one that artificial turf landscaping can turn into a reality....

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