Artificial Turf: A Water-Saving Solution for Homeowners

As concerns about water scarcity and conservation continue to grow, many homeowners are turning to artificial turf as a solution to saving water. In this blog, we'll explore how artificial turf can save water in residential settings and provide some statistics and references from 2020 and newer to support our claims. First, it's important to understand how much water is typically used on natural grass lawns. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), a typical household in the United States uses about 320 gallons of water per day, with up to 70% of that water used outdoors for activities such...

The Water Bans Continue

sunshine creating lens flare through a wooden picket fence in a front yard, front garden with artifical grass as a lawn and a red brick perimeter wall.
The water bans continue... and state regulators are getting serious. Today, due to the severe drought, many states will consider $500 fines for anyone who is wasting water on landscapes, fountains, washing vehicles, and other non-essential outdoor uses. Fines could be based on a sliding scale. They will start with a warning for the first offense. The San Diego State Water Resources Control board, among others, has reported support for the programs like this. "So far, people have been pretty supportive," board Chairwoman Felicia Marcus said. "I think people recognize that we're taking a moderate approach and sending a message...

5 reasons why Dog Owners Love FieldTurf Landscape

Girls sitting on turf next to their dog
You love your dog, and you love your lawn. But one of them can cause considerable damage to the other. Some dogs like to dig holes in the grass, while others leave urine spots that look similar to fertilizer burn. Many dogs also wind up traipsing mud and dirt into the home. None of that happens with an artificial grass yard. Artificial turf is built for durability and longevity regardless of whether people or pets are playing on it. Dog owners love artificial grass as much as their dogs do. Here are five reasons why they find it so appealing:...

FieldTurf Landscape Announces Rebrand

Artificial Grass vs. Organic Sod
FieldTurf Landscape May 5, 2022 FieldTurf Landscape Announces Rebrand EasyTurf Inc has Rebranded to the FieldTurf Landscape to Leverage the FieldTurf Brand. Calhoun, Georgia. FieldTurf Landscape, EasyTurf Inc, a manufacturer of artificial turf for residential and commercial needs, announced today that it has completed a major rebranding. The rebrand to FieldTurf Landscape reflects the move to synergize FieldTurf and FieldTurf Landscape. Additionally, this helps leverage the brand equity FieldTurf has built over the years. With a long history that stems from professional sports fields. FieldTurf Landscape has taken that same knowledge and experience and brought it to your lawn. We...

Are You Accidentally Poisoning Your Dog

English bulldog running on artificial turf
Would you leave dangerous chemicals where children could reach them? Of course not! But many homeowners, not realizing that fertilizers, herbicides, weed-killers, and other yard care chemicals can be poisonous, store them casually where their dog might easily “sample” them. Ingesting these chemicals can cause immediate illness and negative symptoms, and may even cause death – so locking them away is a responsible action. New research, however, proves that dog owners should also be cautious about herbicides already dispersed on their lawns and public dog play areas. Dogs have more exposure to these chemicals than humans because they have considerably...

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