Artificial Putting Green: What to Consider and 10 Small Backyard Putting Green Ideas

November 11, 2021 FieldTurf Landscape
So you’ve made the wise decision to invest in installing a putting green. Not only will you save money on visits to the golf course,...
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So you’ve made the wise decision to invest in installing a putting green. Not only will you save money on visits to the golf course, but you’ll also ensure that you can get a leg up on your golf buddies by practicing as often as you want.

Factors to Consider When Installing an Artificial Putting Green

Still, before you install a backyard putting green, there are plenty of options and recommendations for putting greens to consider. Here are some of the things you should think about as you start planning your short-game oasis.

Anywhere You Like

FieldTurf Landscape’s artificial turf is not only incredibly realistic, but it’s also highly adaptable. That means you can have it installed just about anywhere you see fit. 

Want to tuck it away in your backyard by the grill? Or would you prefer to be the talk of the neighborhood with a putting green out front? 

Wherever there’s land, our experts can work with you to install a realistic synthetic putting green to fit the space. It’s really up to you.

hapes and Curves

The choices don’t end there. We can create elevations by raising the surface of the golf green above the existing hardscape, allowing multiple contours and undulations. 

We can also install steps around various portions of the green. The steps are made of treated lumber and customized for each project. To make your green similar to the TPC Courses played on the PGA Tour, we can add custom moguls (also known as “mounds” or “berms”). 

And to really prove we’ve got this down to a tee, we can create a tee box that will allow you to play shots from a variety of distances.

Accessories Galore

The customizable options don’t end there. FieldTurf’s proprietary installation process includes one aluminum cup and one flag per 100 square feet, meaning you could build a nice little course if you have the space. 

We’ve also mastered a tightly infilled cup edge with a realistic aluminum base. It looks and sounds like the real thing — all you’ve got to do is putt the golf ball into the hole. And you can make practice even more challenging by adding a bunker to your turf, complete with white sand. 

Want to practice after dark? We can even include unique custom lighting on your green.

Maximum Drainage

You won’t just be sinking balls in your synthetic putting green. The artificial turf will also come with contours and drainage holes that encourage maximum drainage. 

The backing of your home putting green is solid, but there are drainage holes meaning water will drain through the putting surface. That means you’ll be able to practice your golf game more often with less time spent on maintenance.

10 Backyard Putting Green Ideas With Artificial Grass

Got a small yard? Not a problem! Artificial grass is versatile, lending itself well to putting green designs of all shapes and sizes. Check out these small putting green ideas to get an idea of its customizability. 

1. Small Circular Putting Green

A small circular putting green is a classic and simple design. At just 10-15 feet across, it can fit in tiny backyards but still allow you to practice short putts and chip shots. The round shape makes it easy to get creative with contours and undulation. Add a curve to challenge your putting skills.

2. Compact Rectangular Practice Green

Maximize your space with a rectangular putting green. At about 6 feet wide by 12 feet long, this compact design can squeeze into a skinny space in your yard. The elongated shape gives you room to practice putts up to 10 feet long. Add a couple of sandy bunkers at the edges to work on getting out of the sand.

3. Petite Practice Green with Multiple Holes

You don’t need a huge putting green to get in valuable practice. A small 8×8-foot square green can have multiple holes cut into it, allowing you to simulate a real green with pin placements. Position holes strategically to practice putts of varying lengths and breaks. The variety helps improve your overall putting.

4. Long Skinny Backyard Green

Have a long narrow space in your backyard? Use it for a skinny putting green. At just 3-4 feet wide but 25+ feet long, you can practice lengthy putts required to sink 12-15 footers. The narrow design also helps improve your accuracy.

5. Tiered Backyard Putting Green

Create a challenging multilevel custom putting green in a small space. Build tiers out of retaining walls and fill them with artificial putting green turf. Putt from the top level down to lower holes or vice versa. The elevation changes force you to perfect distance and speed control.

6. Small Putting Green with Fringe

Simulate the edge of a real green with a backyard practice green that has a fringe area. Use a slightly longer artificial turf around the perimeter of the green to catch wayward putts. The fringe looks cool and keeps you from losing golf balls.

7. Corner Wedge Practice Area

Got a tight corner in your yard? Use it for a small triangular “short game” zone. At about 8 feet per side, it’s ideal for practicing chip shots, pitches, and bunker shots. Surround it with a sand trap and you’ve got your own mini sand escape zone.

8. Portable Putting Green Mat

If you’re really tight on space, use a roll-out putting mat. At 2.5×8 feet, this portable practice green can be stored away when not in use. The ideal solution for small yards or garages, providing a realistic surface for honing your stroke.

9. Rooftop Putting Green

Get creative with unused spaces by installing a putting green on your flat roof! This eye-catching design takes advantage of wasted rooftop real estate. Just be sure to have it installed professionally with special care taken for drainage and safety.

10. Backyard Chipping Green with Multiple Targets

Focus on your chipping and pitching accuracy with a small backyard green loaded with targets. Circles, boxes, poles, and rails give you aims for different types of practice shots. Great for tight spaces and improving your short game finesse around the custom artificial grass putting greens.

Why FieldTurf

There are plenty of other companies that can install some form of outdoor putting green in your backyard, but none quite like FieldTurf. 

There’s a reason Arnold Palmer’s golf course design company chose us for their top courses and practice areas. Our turf is infilled with refined sand that is less prone to clumping, so it won’t harden like the turf you find on a minigolf course. 

With FieldTurf, you’re not just getting a decorative backyard putting green. You’re investing in a functional, realistic home golf practice surface that will stay useful for 10 to 15 years. That’s a lot of time to practice your short stroke. To find out more, book a consultation with one of our experts.

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