5 Advantages of FieldTurf for Golf Tees and Driving Ranges

November 25, 2021 FieldTurf Landscape
FieldTurf has perfected artificial turf and synthetic grass, and the use-cases for our products are almost unlimited. Obviously, our turf is excellent for installing in...
FieldTurf For Golf Tees And Driving Ranges

FieldTurf has perfected artificial turf and synthetic grass, and the use-cases for our products are almost unlimited. Obviously, our turf is excellent for installing in putting greens. But did you know we’ve also mastered turf for tee lines and driving ranges? Yes, we continue to break new ground with innovative applications for our product. Read on to learn how you can build a golfers’ paradise.

Realistic Playing Surface

FieldTurf uses high-quality turf that has been expertly crafted to look and feel like real, professional golf grass. And that’s an important distinction. Cheap mats can hurt golfers in the long run, reinforcing bad techniques in their swing and forming memory muscles that are inaccurate on a real course. 

We take realism to the next level with a state-of-the-art polymer process that closely replicates the feel of natural sod. The fibers in our lawns flex, twist and rebound like natural grass blades, and our patented crumb rubber and sand infill keeps the blades upright and realistic. All of this means your golf swing will feel exactly as it should, every time you hit the ball. 

Driving the Industry

That natural look and feel has taken FieldTurf all around the world, with our turf used around the globe (including NFL stadiums, professional golf facilities, Disneyland and countless other high-traffic commercial properties). 

More importantly, we know golf, and our turf reflects that. Arnold Palmer’s golf course design company has used our turf for numerous practice areas, because they trust us to deliver resilient, realistic playing surfaces.

Pure Golf

Whether you’re installing a driving range, a tee line or a putting green, we can customize your course to fit your space. Just think — you could operate an indoor driving range with low-maintenance turf while your competitors are closed for the winter. Or, if you’ve got the land, you could even install a driving range in your own home.

Our lawns are ideal for driving ranges at municipal parks, commercial centers, universities and public schools, hotels, resorts, par-3 driving ranges, tee lines and, well, just about anywhere else you may want to golf. Including your own backyard

Low-Maintenance Lawns

No matter where you’ve installed them, our lawns practically take care of themselves. You’ll no longer need to waste money or labor hours on fertilizers, pesticides or lawn care, and the common areas of your facility or home will no longer be filled with mud or grass stains. 

Further, your water bill will be drastically reduced when you eliminate the need to constantly quench a thirsty lawn.

Take the LEED

If you are running a commercial property, you know that it’s full of challenges. But when it comes to your golf area, we like to keep the challenges on the course. That’s why we’re happy to report that our commercial lawns have an expected lifespan of 10 to 15 years. That’s a long time to not have to worry about your driving range.

Further, our golf greens are Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) credit qualified, meaning it could help you obtain LEED points for your commercial golf project.

Want to learn more about how FieldTurf can transform your residential or commercial property with a putting green, driving range or golf tee? Book a consultation with one of our experts.

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