Five Benefits of Artificial Turf

November 1, 2022 FieldTurf Landscape
Maintaining a lawn is a lot of work, especially for pet owners. Mowing your grass once a week is time consuming and watering every day...
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Maintaining a lawn is a lot of work, especially for pet owners. Mowing your grass once a week is time consuming and watering every day is costly. Dogs love to dig holes and bury stuff. They drag mud into the house and get dirt everywhere. Maybe it’s time to think about artificial turf. Many people scoff when they think about “fake grass,” but it has many benefits.

Artificial Turf for Dogs!

There are so many reasons to install artificial turf. Dogs love how soft it feels on their paws and homeowners love the easy maintenance. However, there are more benefits to choosing Field Turf.

1. Less Digging

It is no secret that dogs love to dig. They bury everything from bones to toys. Many dogs dig holes under fences and escape. All this digging makes for muddy dogs. Muddy dogs mean more baths. With artificial turf, dogs won’t notice the difference and they can’t dig into the ground. Less digging means less muddy pups.

2. Less Pests and Bugs

Real grass attracts bugs of all sorts. These pests get in your dog’s fur and ultimately end up in your home. With artificial turf, there are no ant hills or bug nests hidden in the dirt. Dog owners know that their pet will not get fleas or ticks. Homeowners can rest assured that their pups will not drag these nuisances into the house.

3. Less Maintenance

Nobody likes to get up early on their day off to mow the lawn. In the summer it is hot, uncomfortable and time consuming. Watering the lawn every day uses a lot of water, which costs money over time. During water restrictions your lawn gets dry and crispy. Installing artificial turf will save time and money. Use this time to spend with your family and pets.

4. Comfortable

In the summer, water restrictions lead to dead grass that is dry and uncomfortable for everyone. Nobody, including dogs, wants to play on dead, crunchy grass. Field Turf will stay soft and comfortable, even during a heat wave. Your dogs will have fun running and playing on the lawn while you relax in the sun. Neighbors will envy your beautiful green lawn.

5. Drainage

This is a great feature of Field Turf. Our artificial turf has a rinse clean technology. When your pup makes a mess, just wash it away with the hose. Our grass is fast drying and has drainage tunnels in the base for improved water flow. Your lawn will stay clean and dry for everyone to enjoy!

There are so many benefits to artificial turf. Dogs love it because it is soft and easy to run around on. It also decreases the chance of bringing fleas and bugs into the home. Rinse clean technology eliminates the need to clean up after your pup. Homeowners can be satisfied there will be no holes dug and no mud dragged through the house. Your beautiful green lawn will be the envy of all the neighbors. Contact us to learn more information.

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