What To Consider When Buying Artificial Turf For Your Pets

November 11, 2021 FieldTurf Landscape
 Those dry, hot southern summers have caused homeowners to despair over their brown lawns for decades. Prickly and dehydrated grass is no more fun to...
Artificial turf for pets

 Those dry, hot southern summers have caused homeowners to despair over their brown lawns for decades. Prickly and dehydrated grass is no more fun to look at than it is for your pet to play on!

For this reason, many homeowners turn to artificial grass for their dogs and, of course, for aesthetic reasons. 

Bonus, aside from the occasional rinse, watering artificial grass is next to unnecessary, reducing water waste.

If you’re a beginner in the realm of artificial pet turf, it can be intimidating! Not to worry. Keep reading for key factors to consider when buying artificial turf for your pets. 

Consider Drainage Capabilities

A critical aspect of choosing artificial turf for dogs is drainage quality. 

A highly absorbent backing will go a long way to reduce odors and direct water away from your yard. Not only is the backing important, but so is the base. Look for a dependable base material when you consider artificial turf for dogs. 

The base separates artificial grass backing from the ground and this material has tunnels built in to help drain water out of your yard.

Blades Make a Big Difference

The blade style of your artificial grass has an important part to play. Blade craftsmanship influences aesthetics, drainage efficacy, and comfort. 

Most pet owners find a combination of short straight blades and curly blades works well for their purposes. This combination not only looks the most natural but is comfortable for walking and playtime with your pet!

Choose the Right Infill

Your pet can use artificial turf just as natural grass, especially when you select a quality infill. 

Infill is almost like a ‘dirt’ or ‘soil’ that you would find in natural grasses. It protects the backing of your artificial turf and improves absorption and odor control. 

Infill comes in many forms, like silica granules, biodegradable material like thatch, or multi-colored sand. 

Thatch is made of biological material like dead leaves. It’s the most natural looking on your artificial grass but will need replacing periodically. 

Silica granules are another great option, although perhaps less natural-looking. However, silica granules are excellent for odor reduction, drainage, and have antimicrobial properties – perfect for those doggy bathroom breaks! 

Avoid using crumbled rubber as an infill for artificial turf for dogs. While highly durable, it absorbs heat quickly, which can cause burns depending on how hot it is in your area. 

Sustainability is Key!

Did you know that artificial grass can save you up to 70% on your water bill? As well, artificial turf reduces chemical spray usage as well as emissions from grass clippings and fuel-powered mowing.

The team at FieldTurf has focused their efforts on creating a sustainable environment from our product manufacturing process to how we recycle our old product. For example, by repurposing older turf and aged carpet into eco-friendly infill, we convert our waste into new products for our valued customers and pets!

Interested in learning more about why PetTurf by FieldTurf Landscape is best for your pets? Get in touch with our artificial grass experts here for your free consultation!

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