6 Ways to Style a Small Backyard

November 10, 2021 FieldTurf Landscape
A small backyard doesn’t necessarily mean a boring backyard! There are plenty of ways to breathe life into your small space that incorporates both function...
Styling a small backyard with artificial grass
Styling a small backyard with artificial grass

A small backyard doesn’t necessarily mean a boring backyard! There are plenty of ways to breathe life into your small space that incorporates both function and style. When you utilize every square inch, a small backyard transforms into a cozy and inviting space for all occasions!

Need inspiration? Look no further. We’ve compiled some landscaping ideas to help revitalize your backyard!

Vertical Planter Wall

When we say utilize every square inch – we mean it!

Stretch the boundaries of your backyard space by growing upward rather than outward. A strategic vertical planter wall adds height and dimension to your backyard space by drawing the eye upward. 

Keep it trendy and sustainable by incorporating raw wooden crates to grow seasonal vegetables and herbs!

Fence Up

A fence adds dimension and privacy to your backyard, especially if your home is squashed amongst your neighbors! 

Use high-quality wood and a complimentary stain to add style and elegance to your outdoor space. Add dynamic accents like vines or potted plants to soften up the space!

Not feeling a wooden fence? Use strategically placed hedges or small trees to cultivate that private feeling!

Tiered Planter Beds

Much like a vertical planter wall, tiered planter beds are a great way to add dimension and versatility to your small backyard space – although these will be on the ground, so be sure to be mindful of square footage. 

As far as plant life goes, the sky’s the limit. Of course, you can create your very own herb garden or you can add a splash of color with bright, seasonal flowers.

Add Levels

We love this one! Strategically add pallets or decking to your backyard space to create stairs, seating, or levels. Levels will add fun, elegance, and style to an otherwise plain space and can reduce the need for furniture, which only further takes up space. 

You can also use soft artificial turf and stones to add further dimension without breaking the bank!

Install Soft Lighting

Is there anything more relaxing than soft lighting? Twinkly lights draw the eyes upward and create a warm, inviting space. 

Large backyards will require extensive lighting, which can be costly, but with small backyards, a little goes a long way.

To complement your light fixtures, organize furniture to create a comfortable outdoor space. Use your fire pit or a small patio table as a focal point! 

Note: A firm focal point for your outdoor space draws the eye in and minimizes the ‘cluttered’ look that can sometimes be a byproduct of a small space. 

Incorporate Artificial Grass

Artificial grass is low maintenance, pet friendly, and budget-friendly for those with a small backyard. For extra inspiration for how artificial turf helps you style your backyard, click here

FieldTurf Landscape artificial turf is lush, high-quality, and the only artificial grass with a built-in backing system. 

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