Budget-Friendly Small Backyard Turf Ideas

November 10, 2021 FieldTurf Landscape
Artificial turf is a big project, but it reaps big rewards too!  Yet, big projects mean big investments. For many homeowners, it isn't feasible to...
Budget-Friendly Artificial Grass
Budget-Friendly Artificial Grass

Artificial turf is a big project, but it reaps big rewards too! 

Yet, big projects mean big investments. For many homeowners, it isn’t feasible to replace their entire lawn space with artificial turf. Many homeowners have plenty of land, and even with the amount you could save on your energy bill by installing artificial grass, it could take a while to see a meaningful ROI!

However, there are plenty of modified artificial turf installation ideas that combine other lawn-decor elements.

Continue reading for some smart artificial turf solutions that look great and won’t be so harsh on your bank account!

Start With The Front Yard

Of course, we know that some homeowners have a significant amount of land.

Instead of investing in a full lawn turnover of both your front and back yards, it may be in your best interest to overhaul only your front yard at first. 

This keeps the project cost-conscious and gives you a sense of what it might cost to change over your entire property to artificial turf when you’re ready!

Create a Rock Garden

Rock gardens can be quite elaborate, and a rock garden nestled alongside artificial turf is a great way to spice up your backyard without breaking the bank!

Not only do rock gardens elevate your landscape, but they are also one of the easiest, most cost-conscious, and attractive ways to take up real estate in your front or back yards.

Need inspiration? Place boulders strategically, arrange flat rocks to make ‘stairs’, lay down crushed stone and gravel by color and size, and organize them into appealing designs. The possibilities for rock gardens are endless, and they are a great way to outline edible gardens, trees, and artificial turf.

Create a Pathway

Large stone blocks are easily found for affordable prices at home and garden outlets and are a cost-effective design element for outdoor space. 

Instead of cutting artificial turf to line the stone, use mulch to pad the stone steps a few feet on either side and then enclose the mulch with artificial turf.

Revitalize Your Patio

Who says you can’t have comfortable, lush grass on your patio? Add an extra element of relaxation to your lawn chairs and enlist pavers or landscapers (or make it a DIY project!) to create a paved area outside to install artificial grass on. If paving isn’t an option, you can use brick, rustic stone, or even concrete blocks.

Adding artificial grass to your patio adds luxe and elegance to your space – jazz it up by adding a fire pit or barbeque! 

Make it Dynamic With Mulch

Using mulch alongside artificial turf is a great way to break up green space and make room for a rock garden or patio. Mulch contributes to fertile soil and helps to control the weed population, which makes planting an edible garden, trees, or flowers that much easier. 

Plus, mulch is quite affordable. Like artificial turf, it doesn’t need much maintenance. Additionally, the creative possibilities with mulch are endless! You can frame your favorite tree in mulch, create an eye-popping flowerbed, or use dark mulch to accent bright green bushes.

Create a Dog Run

Dogs especially love to run and play in grass, but real grass often can’t withstand the wear and tear. That’s why, for pet owners, artificial grass is a dream come true.

A dog run made with durable synthetic grass provides a space for pets to play without ruining the rest of your small backyard. Start small with just enough artificial turf space for your furry friends to roam.

Line Garden Beds

If you want to spruce up your garden beds without a full backyard turf overhaul, try lining the beds with artificial grass. This creates a clean, finished look around flower beds or vegetable gardens.

The synthetic grass acts as an edging that’s far more durable than typical plastic or metal garden edging. Use it to create a crisp border around your landscape design.

Accent Your Garden Shed

Give your garden shed a makeover by placing artificial turf around the base. This hides any unsightly areas underneath the shed while visually tying it into the rest of your landscaping.

If you want to take your shed up another notch, install a small patio space right outside its doors using fake grass. The synthetic turf will provide a neat, green accent around the shed.

Create a Putting Green

For the golf lovers out there, installing a small backyard putting green is a fun way to practice your short game at home. Artificial turf designed specifically for putting greens mimics the speed and texture of natural greens.

Start with a small practice green and upgrade to a larger synthetic turf space over time to create the perfect oasis.

Border Your Driveway

Framing your driveway with artificial turf adds curb appeal and a polished look without the need to mow grass or use a lawn mower. The faux grass prevents weed growth along the driveway edges.

For a budget option, do small strips of synthetic grass along each side rather than fully lining the entire driveway area.

Beautify Play Areas

If you have a swing set, sandbox, or other play area in your backyard, give it some visual interest by surrounding it with artificial turf.

The fake grass designates the space as a play zone while keeping it looking neat and tidy. The durable synthetic lawn can withstand plenty of use from kids and pets.

Create a Faux Creek Bed

Dry creek beds lined with rocks and artificial turf create the look of a babbling brook without the hassle of running water.

Dig a winding path and line it with weed barrier fabric before adding rocks and fake grass on top. Place larger rocks sporadically to mimic a natural creek bed. The end result is a zero-maintenance water feature.

Add a Bocce Ball Court

Turn your backyard into an Italian courtyard with a bocce ball court made of synthetic turf. The smooth, flat surface provides an ideal playing field.

Just make sure to leave enough space around the court perimeter to allow balls to roll out out of bounds. When not in use, the artificial lawn blends seamlessly into your landscape.

Feeling inspired? Let us help you with some budget-friendly small backyard turf ideas. Contact us for a consultation today!

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