6 Best Places to Install Artificial Grass at Your Home

December 25, 2023 FieldTurf Landscape
Everyone loves a well-manicured lawn, but maintaining one can be arduous, time-consuming and expensive. This is where artificial grass comes in. High-quality artificial grass enables...
Enhancing Your Home with 6 Perfect Spots for Artificial Grass - FT 4

Everyone loves a well-manicured lawn, but maintaining one can be arduous, time-consuming and expensive. This is where artificial grass comes in. High-quality artificial grass enables you to create aesthetically appealing outdoor spaces without the burden of upkeep. But where are the best places to install artificial grass at your home? Here’s a look at six ideal locations:

Renovate Your Rooftop Oasis

Transform your flat roof or rooftop balcony into a vibrant, lush oasis with artificial grass. Installing artificial turf on rooftops creates a safe, comfortable environment perfect for sunbathing, barbecues, or just watching the sunset. It’s an incredible way to bring nature to your highrise space. Enhanced with UV stabilizers, synthetic turf won’t fade in sunlight, maintaining a vibrant green year-round.

Create an All-Weather Patio Playground

Artificial grass is a great option for a children’s outdoor play area. Not only does it provide a soft and safe surface for kids to play on, it’s also extremely durable and can take a lot of wear and tear. Say goodbye to muddy footprints and dirty clothes. With synthetic grass your kids can enjoy outdoor play whatever the weather. The added bonus? It’s also super easy to clean!

Elevate Your Decking

Wooden decking can pose slippage hazards, especially after rain. Enhance the safety and aesthetic appeal of your deck with a layer of artificial grass. It’s comfortable underfoot, has strong grip—even when wet—and requires little maintenance. Plus, with the many textures and colors available, it can be tailored to suit your personal style.

Greening Up Your Garage Gym

If you use part of your garage as a workout zone, artificial grass can be an excellent choice for flooring. It’s more inviting than cold concrete and can withstand the impact of dropped weights. Additionally, artificial grass is gripping enough to prevent slipping during high-intensity workouts, providing you a safer fitness environment right in the comfort of your home.

Innovate Indoor Spaces

Who said artificial turf had to remain an outdoor trend? Be bold and bring green indoors. Install it in playrooms, home offices or even living rooms for a unique, eco-inspired design. It’s an innovative way to introduce vitality, freshness and the calming influence of nature into your home.

Transform Your Pool Surround

Artificial turf is an excellent replacement for real grass around swimming pools. It eliminates the hassle of maintaining real grass and ensures there’s no mud to cloud your pool water. Plus, with its soft, draining surface, it provides a comfortable, slip-proof space where your family can dry off and enjoy the sun.

Discover the Ease with Artificial Grass

Artificial grass goes beyond creating a beautiful, maintenance-free lawn. It breathes life into diverse areas in your home—indoors and outdoors—making them more comfortable, inviting, and safe. All this with the added benefits of durability, water conservation, and cleanliness. It’s time to step into the future by making the switch to artificial grass.Looking to explore these options further? Here at FieldTurf Landscape, we offer a comprehensive catalog of artificial grass suited to each of these applications and more. Reach out to our team at 866-352-4575 for more information, expert design help or to book a free consultation and complimentary quote for your home project.

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