Fake Grass – How and Why it is Good for Your Pets

October 31, 2022 FieldTurf Landscape
There is no doubt that pet owners love their animals. Pets require a lot of time, love and commitment. Many dog owners let their pet...
fake grass for the backyard

There is no doubt that pet owners love their animals. Pets require a lot of time, love and commitment. Many dog owners let their pet outside in their backyard to enjoy the sun and to run and play and do their “business.” Therefore, fake grass for the backyard can be a lifesaver.

Better for the owner

Fake grass for the backyard is great for the owner. We work hours to fertilize, mow, trim and water our yards to make them green and lush. They are often the focal point of the exterior of our home. Unfortunately, our pets can destroy our lawns. There are a few reasons to look at fake grass for our pets.

1. When we let our fluff ball outside to do “their business,” the acidity in their waste can destroy the grass.

2. During rain, the soil under the grass becomes wet and turns into mud. When our pet runs through the yard, their paws are covered in mud and dirt. With a quick whistle, our pet is running back into the house, bringing the mud with them. Soon, paw prints can be seen throughout the home.

3. Fake grass for the backyard won’t be wrecked: with MaxFlow technology, the grass will bend and twist like real grass but will not break, be beaten down or damaged like real grass. Even large, active dogs will not wreck the fake grass.

4. Inferior fake grass products are created with a thatch that leaves an odor, especially when the grass gets wet. Our grass is not made with a thatch, and therefore the grass has more depth and less odor.

Fake Grass for The Backyard is Great for Pets

We have looked at reasons why fake grass is good for pet owners, but there are many reasons our grass is also good for your pets.

1. Our fake grass is permeable and will drain the entire yard at a rate of 350 mL/hour. Having a yard that drains the water is great for both pet and owner.

a. Dogs love water; somehow, they seem to find every puddle of water and by the time they are ready to come into the home they are soaking wet. Being wet for a long period of time can be uncomfortable and even lead to health problems.

b. With the grass draining quickly, pet owners will have no extra maintenance for their lawn before their pets can go out and play.

2. Fake grass for the backyard is safe for your dog. Our grass is toxin free and is completely safe for your pets. This is unlike real grass that can require fertilizer, weed control and other chemicals that may be soaked into the soil, causing a concern for your pet.

We love our pets, and we love our yards. You can have the best of both worlds with fake grass for the backyard. Check out our website for more information and to get started on creating the yard of your dreams for you and your pet.

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