Learn the Benefits of Artificial Turf For Dogs

November 10, 2021 FieldTurf Landscape
It’s no secret - dogs love to play in the yard. They enjoy running around, using the washroom, digging, and doing other messy activities. While...
Artificial Turf For Dogs

It’s no secret – dogs love to play in the yard. They enjoy running around, using the washroom, digging, and doing other messy activities.

While it might be fun to watch your dog enjoy themselves and play, cleaning up your lawn after isn’t so fun. Plus, there’s the inevitable paw marks on your floor and a hasty bath time after! 

With artificial turf for dogs – these inconveniences are a thing of the past, and playtime with your pup is the main priority.

Let’s dive into some ways that artificial grass benefits your dog!

Installing Artificial Turf Means Less Digging!

Most of us have seen the scene in The Lady and the Tramp where Jacques carefully attends to his stash of bones that has clearly been dug into, refilled, and then dug into again. Talk about art imitating life!

Depending on the breed, dogs love to dig and dig some more! With artificial turf, dogs are limited in these messy endeavors. This means no holes to fill, no mud tracked through the home, and fewer emergency baths.

Fewer Pests and Bugs

Depending on the lawn, pests thrive in the damp soil and munch on the long blades of grass. Fleas and ticks are particularly common in residential areas. 

Avoid an expensive trip to the vet with artificial grass and stay confident that when your pup is rolling around in the greenery that he won’t be at risk for bites or infestation.

Artificial Grass Needs Minimal Maintenance

Let’s consider the practicality of artificial turf: 

  • No mowing or trimming
  • No weed removal is necessary
  • Little to no mud or dirt

Best of all? No pesticides. Not only do you keep your dog safer by avoiding harmful chemicals, but they also won’t have to wait to play while the pesticides dry.

Comfortable and Inviting

Artificial turf is soft and inviting for your dog. Gone are the days of ugly, dry brown spots from drought or other decay, prickly weeds, or rough patches of grass. 

With no risk of fleas, your dog can happily play in the grass for hours without any worry of mess or him stepping in anything harmful.

Excellent Drainage

Dogs love a nice, cool, dry patch of grass! Artificial lawn from FieldTurf Landscape has a rinse-clean technology, perfect for fast drying after rain or snow. 

The artificial grass has a base underneath with tunnels that not only helps improve water flow, but separates the turf from the ground below.

Not only does artificial turf for dogs keep your house clean, but your pup will love it! Learn more about our artificial turf products for pets here!

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