How to Spot Low-Quality Artificial Grass Products

December 21, 2023 FieldTurf Landscape
Choosing the perfect lawn should never feel like a game of chance. It's an investment; one that dresses up your home or business, and more...
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Choosing the perfect lawn should never feel like a game of chance. It’s an investment; one that dresses up your home or business, and more importantly, it’s something you should absolutely love. However, the market of artificial grass products can be overwhelming, especially when inferior products try to pass themselves off as premium-grade. It’s essential to learn how to distinguish between low-quality and high-quality artificial grass to prevent future disappointment and unnecessary costs.

Finding the Fakes: Unmasking Low-Quality Artificial Grass

Like any product, artificial grass varies in quality depending on numerous factors, including material, production technique, and manufacturer reputation. Spotting low-quality options can protect your investment, ensuring durability, aesthetic appeal, and maintenance-free enjoyment. Here are some telltale signs to look out for:

Lackluster Backing

When examining artificial grass, don’t just look at the verdant blades on top – flip it over and inspect the backing. Low-quality grass often has poor backing that may fray or disintegrate with time. High-quality artificial grass from reputable manufacturers, on the other hand, features durable, multi-layered backing that safeguards against wear and tear.

Missing UV Protection

Without UV protection, artificial grass risks fading to a dull, unrealistic green under harsh sunlight. The best artificial grass retains its vibrant green hues for a lifetime, having been treated with ultraviolet stabilizers in the manufacturing process.

Unnatural Appearance

False color and texture can be the most immediate giveaways of low-quality fake grass. An overly bright, monotonous green or harsh, plastic texture can distract from your property’s overall aesthetic. High-quality artificial grass products have multiple shades of green and even brown thatch fibers for a natural and realistic look.

Unusual Yarn Shapes and Insufficient Density

The yarn shapes significantly contribute to the grass’s resilience and longevity, varying from flat to C-shaped to oval. C-shaped yarn is a sign of a superior product due to its enhanced resilience. Density, measured in stitches per square meter, is another factor. More stitches equate to a denser, more durable, and lush lawn. Look out for low stitch count as a sign of poor quality.

Guaranteeing Great Grass: Identifying Reputable Suppliers

While product quality is vital, the artificial grass supplier also plays an integral role in your purchasing experience. Purchasing from a trustworthy manufacturer or distributor ensures you’re receiving top-quality product backed by excellent customer service and comprehensive warranties. Here is what to look for:

  • Warranties: Trustworthy companies stand by their product quality by offering extensive, clearly-stated warranties.
  • Transparent Product Information: Reputable suppliers provide detailed, clear product information, including yarn type, stitch rate, product weight, and UV protection level.
  • Customer Reviews: Authentic customer testimonials and reviews provide insights into the product’s longevity and the company’s customer service level.

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