How Artificial Turf Keeps Your Kids Safe

November 11, 2021 FieldTurf Landscape
We know that artificial grass has many benefits, but one we love most is that it’s a safe, clean surface for your children to play...
Safe Artificial Turf for kids

We know that artificial grass has many benefits, but one we love most is that it’s a safe, clean surface for your children to play on. 

If you’re looking to install artificial turf in your backyard and you’re wondering if artificial grass is safe for your kids – rest assured that it’s a worthy investment.

Here’re some of the ways that backyard artificial grass keeps your kids safe!

Durability and Proven Technology

Because of the durability and proven technology that artificial turf provides, more parents are installing artificial turf surfaces. 

Accidents will happen whether kids play on natural grass or synthetic grass, yet, artificial turf is full of shock-absorbing infill materials that have proven time and again to improve fall safety. 

Artificial surfaces keep knee scrapes, cuts, and bruises to a minimum!

Minimal Allergies

Natural lawns will naturally produce pollen, which artificial turf, of course, will not.

Kids will be able to enjoy a cleaner surface to play on, uninterrupted by allergies

Keep in mind that artificial turf doesn’t totally eliminate pollen; your children can still come in contact with pollen depending on how close the turf surface is to nearby trees and shrubbery.

No Divots

Accident-prone children can have a tough time on uneven terrain – and artificial grass is the solution. 

Artificial turf does not falter due to weather or heavy foot traffic, so the risk of uneven ground is minimal. 

Easier on Clothing

Wouldn’t it be ideal if your kids could play all day and then come home with clean clothes?

That’s what you’ll get when your kids play on artificial turf surfaces! Artificial turf doesn’t contain stain-causing chlorophyll, and the texture of the synthetic fibers will not damage clothing.

Less Mud, More Play!

If there’s a mud hole or standing water in your yard, chances are that your kids will find it quickly. 

One of the many benefits of kids playing on artificial turf is that turf has optimal drainage, so standing water and puddles will be a non-issue. 

Forget muddy clothes and soaked socks – artificial turf will keep your kids happy and clean while still enjoying the yard.

Less Bacteria Growth

Artificial grass contains antimicrobial agents that work to fend off bacteria. While playgrounds and yards will always have bacteria, artificial turf will reduce exposure.

Parents want their kids to be in an environment that is safe and happy. Artificial turf is the perfect solution. 

Kids will be kids, and artificial turf won’t eliminate every accident or diminish every allergen – but it does work to make playtime safer and cleaner!

Want to learn more? Take a look at how FieldTurf Landscape artificial grass makes backyards safer here!

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