12 Reasons Why You Should Own a Backyard Putting Green

January 30, 2023 FieldTurf Landscape
Golfers are passionate about their sport and want to get the most out of their practice sessions. Whether you’re just getting started with putting or...
Beautiful putting green for home.

Golfers are passionate about their sport and want to get the most out of their practice sessions. Whether you’re just getting started with putting or you’ve been golfing for years, putting greens for home are an excellent way to improve your game.

But there are other great reasons to invest in a home putting green – read on to learn more about why you should consider investing in one for your own home.

1. Improve Putting Accuracy Through Practice

Having an artificial putting green at home means you can practice putting whenever you want. 

Regular practice on the outdoor putting green’s synthetic turf will help you develop muscle memory and consistency, improving your putting accuracy. Spending just 10-15 minutes per day putting on an artificial turf surface can help ingrain proper technique.

2. Perfect Your Speed

Judging green speed is crucial for accurate putting. With a synthetic green at home, you can control the speed by using different types of turf. Dial in the exact speed you want to practice realistic putts on various outdoor or indoor putting greens and gain an excellent feel for green speeds.

3. Simulate Different Conditions

You can create various putting conditions on a synthetic green to practice an array of shots. For example, use a slope to practice breaking putts or fast/slow turf to vary speed. You can even practice uneven lies by placing golf balls on towels. Master putting from anywhere right in your backyard.

4. Practice Tricky Shots

Having your own backyard putting green allows you to practice difficult shots that require finesse and precision, like putting from the fringe, long lag putts, or putts with a lot of breaks. Groove your technique for the trickiest shots that need a true roll.

5. Learn New Putting Styles

Try out alternative putting styles like the claw grip on your own green without pressure. Spend time finding what works for your stroke and build skills with belly putters, cross-handed grips, or other unique methods on a variety of indoor putting mats that allow for a true roll.

6. Avoid Crowds and Distractions

Practice without waiting at busy driving ranges or being distracted by strangers. Your private green minimizes interruptions so you can totally focus on perfecting your short-game skills.

7. Practice Anytime, Day or Night

Thanks to built-in lighting systems, many synthetic greens allow for practice after dark. Stay sharp by putting under the lights when the sun goes down. It’s ideal for golfers with packed daytime schedules who need an indoor or outdoor putting green.

8. Putt Year-Round

The synthetic turf used on putting greens can withstand all weather conditions, allowing you to putt in your backyard all year long. While real greens may be closed or dormant during winter, your synthetic green is always ready for practice. Keep your putting sharp in any season.

9. Add Fun Features

Customize your synthetic green with fun additions like bumpers to keep errant putts in play or holes with slight slopes to add challenge. Install multiple holes at various distances. Add challenges to entertain yourself and impress guests during backyard putting contests.

10. Customize With Landscaping

Integrate your green into the yard’s landscaping with rocks, gardens, water features, and more. Choose foliage and structural elements that enhance the green. Properly designed greens blend into the yard.

11. Enhance Your Backyard

Artificial putting greens can often blend nicely into your existing backyard landscaping. Choose a size and design that complements your yard. The green itself adds beauty, and you can enhance the area around it with trees, flower beds, pathways, and other lovely features. It becomes an inviting backyard oasis perfect for putting, chipping, and relaxation.

12. Increase Property Value

Installing a high-quality artificial putting green shows you have invested in your property’s outdoor space. This can increase your home’s value and set it apart from others when it comes time to sell. It’s an attractive feature that makes your home more desirable to golfers and non-golfers alike.

How to Maximize Your Artificial Putting Green

Properly caring for your backyard synthetic putting surface will maximize its lifespan and playability. Here are some key maintenance tips:

Brush the turf regularly to remove debris like leaves or twigs that can affect the ball roll.

Invest in infill materials like sand or rubber as needed to keep the turf upright and resilient.

Control weeds and allow proper drainage to prevent problems like mold.

Plan for potential resurfacing after 8-10 years depending on use.

With routine care for your artificial putting green, you’ll keep it rolling smooth for years of high-quality practice and fun at home. Artificial golf turf is designed for optimal true roll and low maintenance.

Invest in improving your short game and enhance your outdoor space with a synthetic backyard putting green. Check out our services today!

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