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How Do I Make My Grass a Putting Green? A Step-by-Step Guide

Golf is not just a pastime for the retired, there are many players of all age groups that enjoy a good game of golf. Having access to a good golf course is essential for enjoying the hobby, but not everybody has the time to visit the greens in order to better their game. For those […]

Five Benefits of Artificial Turf

Maintaining a lawn is a lot of work, especially for pet owners. Mowing your grass once a week is time consuming and watering every day is costly. Dogs love to dig holes and bury stuff. They drag mud into the house and get dirt everywhere. Maybe it’s time to think about artificial turf. Many people […]

Fake Grass – How and Why it is Good for Your Pets

There is no doubt that pet owners love their animals. Pets require a lot of time, love and commitment. Many dog owners let their pet outside in their backyard to enjoy the sun and to run and play and do their “business.” Therefore, fake grass for the backyard can be a lifesaver. Better for the […]